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  1. Furio

    Corbeau GT8 Highback Buckets

    Hi all, Currently hunting for seats for my 240z, car is just about finished in paint going audi suzuka grey. I've got my eye on the Corbeau GT8 Highbacks but I'm curious if anyone has any experience with these seats, either in or out of a Z. Attached is a picture of the seats in question. Alternatively if anyone has any suggestions for classic style buckets I'm all ears. I am however UK based so major manufacturers would be ideal. thanks.
  2. Furio

    1jz s30. Drift Boss

    Looking pretty damn good man! You should see how my shifter sits without the extension haha, I'm going to have to modify the console and move the whole thing forwards towards the nose of the car just to make it clear. And put an S bend in the shifter as well probably. Out of curiosity what dimensions did you go with for your radiator / intercooler. I'm having troubles finding a manufacturer that make them to fit, either too big or too small. I'll probably end up getting one custom. Loving the wheels as well.
  3. Furio

    1jz s30. Drift Boss

    Interesting, thanks for the heads up man Haven't gotten that far yet, because my car is RHD I have to modify the steering to clear the mounts, so currently in the process of doing that.
  4. Furio

    1jz s30. Drift Boss

    Nice one man! You've made proper quick progress with this!
  5. Furio

    1JZ-GTE Swap Kit - Tech2?

    Just wanted to say I bought the kit and it has arrived. So far it seems pretty good. It was a wee bit rough but I think that was purely from the shipping. The welding and overall build quality seems really high. Finished ripping my v8 out the other night, need to cut some old mounts off with the grinder then I'll go about test fitting the new kit, should be interesting to see. Rubbish pictures but you get the idea.
  6. Furio

    1jz s30. Drift Boss

    Looking good man. Looks like I'm going to need a shifter extension as well, doesn't look like my box will fit. Where did you get yours if you don't mind me asking?
  7. Furio

    1jz s30. Drift Boss

    Looks great man! Will be taking notes as I'm about to start my 1JZ swap as well haha. Also got my wiring kit from WS, will be interesting to see how they do. Out of curiosity where did you get the A: Top mount kit and B: Downpipe? I'm guessing CXRacing for the top mount, looks like one of their kits.
  8. Furio

    1JZ-GTE Swap Kit - Tech2?

    Thanks Matt, glad to hear it. Thanks Nelsonian, especially for the pictures. I do agree, the website is a bit lackluster, it was one of the reasons that led me to posting here asking the question. I feel I would have next to no qualms buying from the wiringspecialists website in comparison. From what I've seen you can get the JZ's sitting low and quite far back, I had thought about putting a 350 small block in the car, but the sizing and weight distribution was all off, and would need to relocate the Dizzy to get everything to fit right. So it looks like, from the picture you linked you basically get all the mounts you need + a propshaft. That's ideal for me, hoping everything works with the R154 gearbox. Now all I need to source is a custom exhaust, FMIC, cooling and some gauges! Thanks for the input guys
  9. Hi folks, Have been hunting around for a swap kit for a 1JZ-GTE to swap one into my 240z. Next to nothing here in the UK (No surprises) but have found a couple in the US. Tech2 seem to offer a kind of "all in one" kit for $1650. I was curious if anyone had used this before and what their thoughts were? http://shop.1jzgteswap.com/240Z-280Z-1JZ-2JZ-SWAP-KIT-DAT-001.htm I had planned to use http://www.wiringspecialties.com/2jwihafordap.html For the wiring harness. This is just purely for getting the engine sat in the car and hooked up. Also what are peoples thoughts on running a 1JZ through a standard 240z diff, will it take that power or should I be thinking about an LSD upgrade? Thanks guys
  10. Furio

    New member from Scotland

    Thanks! I'm from Dundee, it's about an hour north of Edinburgh You totally should, I worked in Edinburgh for years, lovely city.
  11. Hi there folks, Been lurking around this forum for a while now as I've had my eye on a 240z for about 5-6 years now (that's a lie, try most of my life) Late last year I finally found a winner, my original plan was to pick up and restore a junker here in the UK. I had stuck with this plan until I came across a chap selling his delightful 240z that he had spent a good few years restoring. I had to have it, so I sold my Silvia S15 and picked it up at Auction. This is it: A lovely restored car that has had scary money spend on restoration. The only issue I have with the car (besides the fact the alternator was wired wrong and broke a few things on day one) is the engine. I'm a fan of rumbly V8's, however the previous owner decided to put a 3.5l Rover V8 in the car (215ci) It's certainly good looking, and it sounds great. It is however somewhat gutless, I wouldn't say it was fast, but it's fun. However I have the intentions of swapping in something with a bit more grunt, currently I am exploring three options: 1: RB25DET swap - I have read about these plenty on this forum and it seems relatively straight-forward. I am however wary of cost. 2: 1UZFE swap - The Lexus V8, popular among drifters and readily available here in the UK, I am tempted by one of these however I am struggling to find much in the way of documentation on swaps, and I'm not really the pioneering type. 3: 4.6 Rover V8: Take the existing Rover V8 out and put a newer, bigger variant in. With larger capacity + supporting mods you can squeeze 300bhp plus, easily out of these. The issue you run into is reliability, Rover engines are notorious for failing. So that's why I'm here, expect to see me popping up in various threads asking no doubt silly questions Oh: Album of some more images : http://imgur.com/a/FZAeP So yeah, hello!