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  1. Unfortunately I am selling the car. I really hope the new owner will take over from here, maybe update this build status. =) Very very sad to see her go, and already know it will be the worse car to let go. Sadday.
  2. Flaw pics, for my Canada buddy. Lol
  3. ...yeah...remove the whole harness, wire it from scratch.
  4. Here is pics of the Z TRYING to slide. (Maybe it's my extreme toe in on the rear?) It's not a drift car, but...very disappointed in it. Oh, here is the Trans mount. (Redesign) I am making a temp "toe bracket" for the rear until I can afford rear lower control arms. Most..maybe all the tie in looks to be gone...
  5. Man I wish I did! I looked and looked. Bought a few that didn't fit. This one...I seen on a facebook page from a private seller..I gambled, and bam! Fits!
  6. I wanted to remake my Trans mount cause my first one wasn't perfect. Had done flat steel laying around. Flare all things! Oh I made it to a drift event. Unfortunately it sucks at sliding(not a drift car)
  7. Researching as we speak. Finding out I really don't need much more then just a tuning software
  8. I am looking at that rail! Lol 8an..14mm..seems like a great deal! Not sure about the 1600 boush injectors though? Anyone have reviews on them?
  9. Truck is going for sale to fund my huge fuel system,injectors, and ecu...lol arg!
  10. Well... Built in wideband. Built in 4bar map Built in flex fuel (requires sensor) Right now, it seems like a good buy at 1400.
  11. It's still not driving 100% the way I want it. Next purchase will most likely be a Ecu Masters USA standalone ecu and some huge injectors. Then..I think it will be fun. =)
  12. Went out. Took a quick picture. It has the flares now! And...my daily ran into a friend.
  13. Nice! A build like this make me want to re do everything I did on my z. Super nice is a understatement.
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