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  1. noser7

    bmw e38 engine swap

    Thank you for the input man your help can help me alot when i do decide to do it. Id like to stick with a vmw engine for the simple fact that DAMN ITS A GREAT engine and noobody really has it. And yes keeping it cheaply would be great but i know there would be somestuff i have to drop cheese on. Thanks again!!
  2. noser7

    bmw e38 engine swap

    Hey all i was wondering if a 4.4 liter v8 from a e38 fit. Reason being these cars are had for 1000 all day so swaping out engine trans and electrical wiring all at once.
  3. noser7

    5.0 swap kits

    Thanks for the advice guys i was worried about buying a set i wouldnt use half of but im sure ican make it work, thanks again guys!!!
  4. noser7

    5.0 swap kits

    Nobody has any info?
  5. noser7

    5.0 swap kits

    Hello all Quick question are there anyother 5.0 conversion kits out there besides the techno convertion one? I have a 280 so the trans mount wont wowork, kinda dumb to spend 400 on only a motor mount, so thats why im asking. Thanks for any help
  6. Im in the procces of swapping a 302 into my 78. I think a 331 stroker revving to 7400 would give a real nasty bite to the bark
  7. noser7

    280z automatic question

    Whats a guy gotta do to catch a break around here...
  8. noser7

    280z automatic question

    Ok so what i am understanding is, it dosnt matter if its the older z to the nwer one, that the procedure always for a R180?
  9. noser7

    280z automatic question

    Yea ive gogmogled it but i cant find much info on the 280z only for the earlier generations. Its not messed up or anything i just want to get the swap out the way so i wont have to do it later when i change engines. I would really like to get an lsd 3.90 but a non lsd would work in tge mean time.
  10. Hey guys a question id like to have answered because it seems my google skills have deminished I just baught a 78' 280z automatic and ive learned that these came with the r180. Idlike to know how to swap a r200 into it. From what i know its gonna have to change the mustache bar and transverse mount. After that im pretty lost. Anyhelp will be greatly appriciated thanks