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  1. What are your thoughts on the front? I think I'll pull the trigger on the 16x8.5 et15 rear for a 245. I know I don't need that much meat up front though.
  2. Do you think the 245 rear would fit without rubbing? I too am looking for new wheels to maximize rubber on the rear without flares
  3. It's never scraped but I'm cautious. The pan is very close to the axle line so generally the tires are going over the speedbumps at the same time. I can measure it though. Wipers work. Heater controls and blower work and are in tact, but the hoses are no longer connected. Easy fix, I just didn't bother plumbing it in when I swapped the motor as I don't drive the car in the cold. I also have all AC components in a box. Thanks
  4. Not sure! I live close enough to the border that if a US buyer in this region was interested, I'd trailer it down to NY
  5. That's the plan for spring, when I can take proper photos and videos. Winter market is probably slow anyway.
  6. Might not work too well in 2' of snow hahaha but yes I will definitely do a nice video in the spring if it doesn't sell. Maybe some rolling burnouts on the highway
  7. USD, I kind of based it on comparative sales from BaT of other modded Z's but who knows what the spring summer market will do!
  8. No, it's a 74..so even in California it doesn't need smog equipment.
  9. Nah, importing a classic is super easy and it's originally a US car..
  10. Thanks it's a manual trans
  11. My Z is just a sunny day toy car, Im not talking about replacing it with a daily driver, just replacing it with a more modern toy Getting ANOTHER toy car isn't an option. Unfortunately.
  12. Yeah I hear you, I love seeing the Z when I open the garage. With that said, I'm aiming for something a little more exotic than an STI, so I'm hoping that would ease the pain. Will I be as excited to see a V10 M6 in there? Or a 911 turbo or Aston Martin Vantage etc... Just some options.
  13. Smell is part of it, but it's also a rudimentary car in every way.. no conveniences, and not something I would take my kid for a ride at any great distance (safety, smell). It's hot and loud and fast, which is awesome fun for me, but my 2 young kids are growing and I figured if I had something newer and bigger (m6 for example) we could use that car as a family weekend warrior. Taking the z out of the garage is almost a chore for me, so I don't use it to run errands and stuff like that. Also with the smell and noise, I don't take it any place 'nice' if that makes any sense There are no problems with the car itself, it's very well sorted and I consider it a more or less complete project.
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