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  1. Project Z31 600zx

    So happy for you man!
  2. Z32 LS1 project thread... questions inside

    Try not to be discouraged, you have a lot of supporters and followers, maybe more than you know! I for one am glad that you're still keeping at it when you can.
  3. Project Z31 600zx

    Can you put your want ad somewhere else more appropriate?
  4. Next generation GM V-8?

    Sorry, I got caught up in my Centrifugal thoughts with "78 LS2 Z", no the LS9 has the roots style for sure.
  5. Next generation GM V-8?

    The boys at GM tried a Turbo in the '09 ZR1. The reason they didn't go with it is because they don't know how to build a turbo'd sports car. They burned it to the ground: http://www.automobilemag.com/reviews/chevrolet/0802_2009_chevrolet_corvette_zr1/index.html They just gave up on it and went with the easy way out with the super charger, probably because it seemed the safer route too since it didn't burn the car down either, a few liabilities there I'm sure. This argument between the Centrifugal S/C and Turbo is really a moot point since the Centrifugal is basically a belt driven turbo, the exhaust driven turbo could be sized to give a performance/power curve very nearly the same as the belt driven one with improved MPG's since there is less parasitic drag on the engine. The upshot of if GM HAD used a turbo set up would have been aftermarket tuneability, upsizing turbos etc. Now if GM had used a screw or roots style S/C, then there would be much more room for argument. Performance characteristics of Positive displacement Superchargers are worlds apart from Centrifugal.
  6. Average Conversion Cost

    Just go with the LM7 or search a little harder for an L33 and buy one of those. You'll thank yourself for it later.
  7. Major Rant

    Let me know how that electric power steering mod turns out, that's a cool adaptation. That could prove very handy!
  8. I need seat dimensions

    What dimensions do you need man? I'd be happy to measure my car for you. It's all stock. Are you looking for how much room the car has? I have '87 Turbo Seats so I could measure those, they fit pretty closely everywhere in the cabin.
  9. Air dam installation Help!

    Just guessing here, I've never installed anything glass, but maybe you'll have to glass in some studs or some other mounts on the back side of your airdam in the areas you want to mount it in order to get it to fasten securely. Your project is looking good by the way.
  10. Z32 LS1 project thread... questions inside

    School's letting out, I'm looking forward to and update from you soon!
  11. Gen 3/4's in Z32's

    Read these two threads, they should give you a good idea of what you're looking at getting into. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php?/topic/73951-lsx-powered-z-32-go/ http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php?showtopic=78369
  12. Project Z31 600zx

    http://www.autokraft.org/products/ It comes with with everything pictured and you'll pay shipping to boot. You'll need an F-body dipstick and tube if you don't already have one. If you have a spacer on your oil pump like I did to use a double roller timing chain, you'll have to slot the mounting hole for the pick up tube since the pump spacer moves it forward a tad. In my opinion it's a pretty good solution. You can make the F-body oil pan work too. To use the F-body pan though you'll need to recess your engine/transmission closer to the firewall or create some clearance between the steering rack and the oil pan some other way.
  13. Project Z31 600zx

    Autokraft rocks. The new Autokraft pan allows the engine to set a little bit lower in the engine bay without the sump hanging lower than the crossmember and that's about it. Can't really move it any further forward than I had it with the truck pan (not that it was going to be used anyway), just saying. It gives PLENTY of space between the pan and the crossmember and if you're brave you could lower the engine even more lowering the sump beyond the crossmember, but I'd save that for a track car. This will be my last mock-up type of update for a while folks since I'm changing what engine set up I'm using in this car. I'll still be using a 6.0L GenIII SBC engine with an Autokraft pan etc. Just going with the GTO eng/trans pullout as mentioned before. I hope this helps some folks!
  14. Project Z31 600zx

    Yeah, I know of the 1sickZ guy's car, I've seen a few of the streetfire videos. Quick car! The Autokraft oil pan was supposed to ship out thursday, so hopefully I'll get some updates for everyone soon. Then it'll be a while before any new news from me most likely as I'll be finishing up the Jag and selling it to finish the Z!
  15. Project Z31 600zx

    Still waiting on the Autokraft oil pan. I have nothing better to do than mock things up as best I can, so... Here are more pics of the engine pretty much fully dressed with the truck pan on. I have a set of TransDapt engine mounts on the engine, even with the engine setting farther forward the existing driver side chassis engine mount interferes with the alternator location using the Camaro accessory set up, the mount will have to be customized. There appears to be plenty of room for an A/C compressor though. Best part, there is plenty of hood clearance for the TBW! Downside, hoodlatch will have to go