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  1. napabill

    Alternator Upgrade Issue

    I know this is a very old post and you have probably figured it out since then, but the MSA VR plug does not work on 1973 - 240/260Z with the electric fuel pump. The fuel pump is triggered by the old, external voltage regulator. MSA should be able to tell you what mods to make.
  2. napabill

    78 280z automatic diff side axles

    As a matter of fact, the automatic transmission has everything to do with this axle discrepancy. According to the factory parts listings, the half-shafts with u-joint flanges that bolt to the differential stubs were used on manual transmission cars, while automatic cars got "Assy-Yoke Side." In the attached photos, the freshly-rebuilt half-shaft (Assy-Drive Shaft in Datsun-talk) is a manual transmission version, while the rusty dirty ones are for automatics.
  3. napabill

    R180 3.9

    There's actually quite a story to why the early cars had the differential farther forward and angled half-shafts. According to Hitoshi Uemura, who was deeply involved in engineering the 240Z, the diff was originally further back and the fuel tank was 70 liters (18.5 gallons). At the time there was no rear end crash safety standard but the US was considering one, so the engineers did a crash test and were horrified. The fuel tan was pushed into the rear suspension and differential and spewed "fuel" everywhere. In response they moved the diff forward 20 mm (0.79"), reduced the fuel tank to 60 liters (15.85 gallons), increased the tension on the fuel tank straps, and added a stopper to keep the tank from moving. So be aware that, in moving the diff back, we are compromising safety in a rear-end collision. This information is in Uemura's book, "Datsun 240Z Engineering Development."
  4. napabill

    Derek's custom dash work

    Great, thanks!
  5. napabill

    Derek's custom dash work

    Derek, I'm curious about your comment, "If you don't want to pull the dash the Mini is the way to go but if your pulling the dash anyway the compact is a better bet." You also mentioned that there is no difference in performance between the Compact and the Mini, so I'm wondering why the Compact would be better.