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  1. Derek

    Is this site dead?

    I think maybe if there was a concerted effort from us to push people to hybridz from facebook questions via links it may get some new traffic through here. Something like this: What are you guys doing for dash repairs? http://dashboard site:forums.hybridz.org This is through google which in a round about way will get them there. Can we do this through the forum? The forum search function blows and always has. We are indirectly spoon feeding which I hate but if we don't take an active roll in increasing traffic then it will really become a problem. Just a thought. Derek
  2. Derek

    Is this site dead?

    I'm on facebook because of the Datsunworks heads. As far as getting info it sucks. Things disappear quickly so other than answering a question that people are too lazy to search it's not good for data. Forums will always rule for good hard data but like newspapers people will miss them when they are gone and then it will be too late.
  3. I'm happy we are at the point people are confusing which build is which.
  4. Hi Jeff He shifts at 7K but has run it up to 8K a few times. It is still pulling strong at 8K an the tuner feels it would easily provide power to 9K. I'm not sure what trans is in it now but I'm pretty sure he has a CD009 for it. I talked to him today to check in and his comment was "it's scary fast" No paddle shifters. Diffrent build. That does have a CD009 but it's not running yet.
  5. Wow that looks great. Are you running one of Ray Livingston's EDIS kits?
  6. That second video captures the sound better than anything I've done. He used a Gopro 7 and although the video is washed out the audio is really good. It is the most accurate capture so far. I've been using my iphone and even with external microphones it never quite got the right sound.
  7. I am in envy of your car. Or at the very least your engine compartment:)
  8. SN005 posted this on Church of L group on face book. He's happy:)
  9. Derek

    EDIS Setup for 280z

    Shameless plug. EDIS Kit
  10. I wonder if that was to increase runner length or packaging issues.
  11. Hi Duffy That is probably the longest the manifolds can be with the engine tilted that direction.
  12. Realized I never posted this pic of SN005. The Ferrea rockers look amazing. Jenvey 48mm and a Megasquirt setup from Linfert Performance.
  13. Thanks. Yea the S7 looks so nice. The 8620 looked great with the copper plating but not so great after spending time in hot oil. The best part about the S7 is it's through hardened so as long as there is enough base circle you can regrind it.