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  1. Thanks Ben I'm glad some numbers on a 3.2L (3.18) are finally out. 100hp per liter is pretty decent from what I hear. Rob feels like there is still some more to be had via tuning but it's a street car so there is always a balance to strike. I'm just glad that for Zcar Garage it's now an itch they need to scratch.
  2. I own one and the videos even got my blood pumping. That car is really amazing. Hopefully after this round of heads I'll be able to finally finish my 3.1 ish build. I will say that the sound is pretty much the same with mine. It's really great that now there are some real HP numbers on the head. It's an expensive head for sure but getting 350HP at the wheel out of a regular ported head wouldn't be cheap. The best part is that is the SEMA car that HAD the OSG head. Had..... Bwahaha
  3. Looks great. I think you drove mine at Bill's if I remember correctly. That was with Rfactor. It's up in a pallet rack since I seem to have ZERO free time these days. How do you like the VR vs monitor?
  4. Just had a long talk with Rob. He has some valid points but mostly they are just so busy that it kind of has been pushed aside from a social media standpoint. He was hesitant to post numbers because he knows he can get more out of it with a better tune. The owner of the car loves the head and has zero complaints about it. The problem is Rebello is just so busy all the time that they take forever on a regular build. Add the complexity of the KN20 and waiting a year for a motor is a real buzz kill. Other avenues are being explored to speed it up and at the request of Rebello I'm now
  5. As it stands I have been paid for 10 cylinder heads. The only ones that are actually running and drivable is SN001 which is mine and I have over 7K miles on it, SN005 has over 10 K I think and SN010 which is in a Zcar Garage/Rebello build. Probably not to many miles on it but the word I got on that one was the owner was very happy. That car is a 3.15L I think. They haven't released the Dyno numbers at this point for whatever reason but I was told it was very impressive. Here is a link to an instagram video they posted of it on the dyno and then a short blast on the street. https://www.ins
  6. It's not a good platform. And it won't matter how many caveats I put out there on how tired the motor is or the lack of compression ratio etc etc the internet truth will be "that Datsunworks head only made XX hp". My butt dyno says it is faster than a SOHC but not by much since the CR is way way low. Probably in the 9:1 range. If I needed the data I would do it in a heart beat but I don't.
  7. Well If I ever get my 3.15L built I'll have some numbers but the the motor that is currently in it there is no reason to dyno it.
  8. When I did the KN20 prototype I used a lot of JB weld on the water outlet without issue. I would have done it after assembly though to give it a little more to hang onto.
  9. Is there a class it could even run in at all? If so how much horse power would it need to put out to be competitive? I'm not into road racing so I have no clue.
  10. I told you guys before don't blame me blame Tony D. I think that has a nice ring to it. Like an orange juice commercial. Not yet. It's a pretty pricy head to blowup.
  11. He sure does. Thanks Duffy. Now I'm trying to figure out if I can make it work on my VVT setup.
  12. No Actually my specialty is pattern making and casting design sprinkled with a little machining and a lot of dreaming. I leave the rest of that stuff to people who are far more knowledgable than me. Yea that combo has more than one person, me included, to rethink their builds. My thinking at this point is basically a Rebello style 3.2 build with offset ground LD crank, rods, and pistons. Bore the block to a safe number based on sonic testing and call it a day. For years people have been saying that the majority of the L6 power comes from the head and
  13. Yes. It's a 3.1 ish. The OS was a 3.3. Not sure why Rob hasn't been more vocal about the results but I'm sure he has his reasons. Let's just say the owner is happy with the KN20. Hopefully ZCG will publicly post some numbers soon as they are impressive.
  14. I have no plans but if someone wanted to they can add sensors to the back of the valve cover to monitor the cams. I have a single sensor on the intake for the VVT on my car. It's the guts from the existing tensioner that comes in the KA24 timing chain kit. The spring in most cases provides more tension pressure than the oil pressure against the piston can. Max potential at 70 PSI is like 17 pounds of force. The springs I measured from tensioners come in at between 13-16 ish. The oil is in there for damping and lubrication as much as the pressure. The check valve
  15. Story time. As many of you who have followed along for a while know the timing chain arrangement has been my White Whale since the beginning. I knew I wanted to use the KA24 timing chain setup and for the most part I was able to make that work. The problem was there just wasn’t enough room to fit the pivoting slack side guide and have it pivot at the bottom like it’s supposed to. The compromise was to pivot it at the top, use a custom guide and use the bottom tensioner in the stock L6 position. This worked but the custom guide had to be a little thin in one area to clear the lower
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