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  1. Derek


    It's amazing how much of that gets picked up in the audio. I can never get a satisfactory recording of mine either. Good luck with the tune. ITB's rock:)
  2. Those look like a pretty good option. I'm at the beginning stages of looking at the Subaru R180 and this seems like a good way to go. Thanks for posting this. Derek
  3. Work faster I'm dying to see this on the road!
  4. Wow tioga that looks great. Nice attention to detail. I love push to connect fittings. I wasn't sure how well they would work out in the long run but so far so good.
  5. It seems the pent roof chamber would be a real plus for a turbo build detonation wise. I know next to nothing about turbo builds and what it takes to get in the range of 500 HP at the crank with a P90. Normally aspirated with the KN20 you are looking at 3.5L slinging it at 9000 to 9500 RPMs RPM's and displacement are what drives NA builds through the roof. Maybe a standard 3.0 stroker with a custom piston to take advantage of the chamber design and a small turbo might result in a very fun driver. But like I said I'm no turbo guy.
  6. Pete McDonnell made a comment on FB about how much pressure and stress a head that flows this much will put on the deck. The head being hot isostatic pressed and then heat treated to T6 will help for sure but unless you know exactly what you are doing with a turbo build of this nature you may be in for sad times.
  7. A few have enquired about it but there are no concrete plans that I have heard of. There is no historical data on the head as to how much boost is too much boost. Pretty big risk on something this expensive. I'm sure someday someone will.
  8. Yes yes let the hate flow through you. I'd shoot for a 3.2 for sure. I'm planing a 3.2 for my final build. Offset ground crank, Honda rods and custom 11.5 or 12:1 pistons. That should really bring the head alive.
  9. Hi Phar Sorry for the late reply. No SN005 has not dyno'd his car after the initial tune yet. The intake manifolds were never port matched to the head. He sent them up to me recently and I machined them for him. He had to fatten up the tune quite a bit as it was going lean. I'm sure at some point he'll do it but he is super happy with the power it's making. As he say's "scary fast" Driving my car with the VCT pretty much every day. Got right around 2K on it and no new noises or problems. Had the valve cover off multiple times checking things and it always looks the same. I have a little chain noise on overrun but seems to bother me more than anyone else:) I wish I had the time and money to build my stroker because the head really wants more air. Derek
  10. Well that would be nice. In theoryville, the land of my people, I designed the intakes to hold a DCOE body and a K&N short air filter. It has not been tested yet. I'll see if 005 can get a decent measurement between the shock tower and the face of the throttle body. He is running the heritage bodies.
  11. Hi Perra Here is a link to the pricing. There are a lot of different ways to build the head so there is no single price listed. You'll need to do some math:) KN20 Pricing
  12. So guess what this is. Give up? First and foremost it is the last item that I had to engineer for the KN20. Everything else is done. The standard block timing set was all that was left and this is the final part. It's also an item that may save you thousands of dollars:) Very early in the testing of the running prototype I suffered a engine shutdown during a run. Towed the car to the shop and after pulling the valve cover I noticed the welch plug had popped out of the upper tensioner. Unfortunately it fell between the chain and the crank sprocket. It chewed some teeth off and bent a whole lotta valves. Fixed it all up and on the new tensioner I put a couple of tacks between the body and the plug with silicone bronze rod. You can see it in the picture on my mockup tensioner. Ran it for a bit and during an inspection I noticed one of the welds cracked and the plug was on it's way out. WTF?? I ended up drilling through the body of the tensioner and pinning it which was a total PIA. I'm convinced it was the crappy Crane Cams lobe design that was pumping the crap out of the chain and the hydraulics blew the plug out. So this bracket is there as a safety just in case. So sad to say this thread is probably going to get a whole lot duller since there won't be anything new to post engineering wise. I may throw a pic up now and then but I'm thinking this is probably close to the end. Thanks for all of the support and great ideas from my HybridZ family. Derek
  13. There isn't a ton going on since things are starting to settle in as far as design and fab. One thing that has been hanging around is what to do for the lower chain and guide arrangement for the standard height blocks. Although the different setups I tested on the prototype all worked I was never super happy with them. I was trying to use the stock pivoting guide from the KA24 and the 92 link chain but it just wasn't happening. I ended up accepting that I would need to shorten the chain and make a custom guide. I'm no longer intimidated by breaking and relinking a roller chain. It's really pretty straight forward. Making a custom shaped guide allowed me to get the chain fairly tight with the tensioner all the way in. It also allowed me to get the lead in angle I wanted. The guide is made from molly impregnated nylon 6-6. This is the material I used on a fixed guide on the prototype as well as whats on my car currently. Nylon 6-6 has been used as guide material for a while so it's a proven commodity. Here is the final version. Th notch in the back side of the guide provides clearance for the water pump area on the timing cover. Trying to adapt a KA24 guide always required removing a section of that area and welding up a patch. I was never crazy about that and that was what sealed the deal for me as far as producing a guide. This will be my "off the shelf" solution for anyone who doesn't want to engineer their own. As of now 007 and 008 are sold. One is going to New Zealand and the other to Australia. Pretty excited about that for sure. I'll be gearing up for another run soon. Derek
  14. I think maybe if there was a concerted effort from us to push people to hybridz from facebook questions via links it may get some new traffic through here. Something like this: What are you guys doing for dash repairs? http://dashboard site:forums.hybridz.org This is through google which in a round about way will get them there. Can we do this through the forum? The forum search function blows and always has. We are indirectly spoon feeding which I hate but if we don't take an active roll in increasing traffic then it will really become a problem. Just a thought. Derek
  15. I'm on facebook because of the Datsunworks heads. As far as getting info it sucks. Things disappear quickly so other than answering a question that people are too lazy to search it's not good for data. Forums will always rule for good hard data but like newspapers people will miss them when they are gone and then it will be too late.
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