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  1. This looks really cool. One of the things I have always hated was getting out of the car to adjust the shocks for different conditions. A two hour drive I want them soft. Then back on the streets I want them firm. That price is getting pretty close to what I would justify as worth it.
  2. If you come up dry Godzilla Raceworks in Texas can help you.
  3. That's because you are biased
  4. I have a R180 out of a 2019 Impreza and I'm running the DatsunRestomod axles.
  5. Looks like a nice setup. It's pretty small too. Considering all you need to add is a lift pump the price is pretty decent. Probably not enough volume for a road race car.
  6. Glad it's working out. Biggest problem for me is retraining my muscle memory as to what gear I should be in. The CD009 gear spread really works well in my opinion.
  7. It's pretty much hidden. There have been a few install posts on ClassicZcar including the one I did. I suggest you give this a look.
  8. I manufacture a CD009 conversion bell housing for the L6. I sell them through Godzilla Raceworks. https://www.godzillaraceworks.com/drivetrain/cd00a-swap-bellhousing-kit-for-l-series-engines It uses your existing clutch pressure plate and flywheel which is nice.
  9. I run the Vintage Air Gen 2 Mini. I had all the other stuff already so I didn't need a kit just the evap/heater unit. It fits under the dash really well.
  10. This is it exactly. The more lopey the idle the more I notice it. My aluminum flywheel isn't helping either. A steel one would have a more damping effect. It's subjective and a camera phone is not going to pick up a true recording. The next time I pull the transmission I'm going to put some DEI Floor and Tunnel Shield in. I think that would help a bunch. I hated the noise when I did the install but as AydinZ71 said it's a known thing and after a while it's not a big deal. I love having the 6 speed though so it's a worthwhile conversion to me. Back in the day they called the Muncie M22 "Rock Crusher". The CD009 sounds like it actually is crushing rocks:). And yes the TL70 is still moving along. I'm relying on Godzilla to do the test fit and their moving to a new facility during a pandemic has not helped things. They are close to verifying the tilt angle is correct and the shifter is in the right location. I'm leaving crossmember development up to them since my car no longer has the mounting ears.
  11. I’m sure OSHA would have no complaints with anything in this picture:) Now that I have a surfacer I’ve decided to play around with CC’ing chambers after I make my final pass. When I originally modeled the chamber in 3D I left a 1mm straight wall plus machine allowance for the builder. The reason for that was to create a known steady surface area if you wanted to really dial in the chamber volume. A .010” surface cut will remove approximately 1.3 CC’s. The problem is Even though there are seats in the head you can’t put valves in since the guides are not sized and even if you could they would sit proud of the seat since they are not angle cut. So I machined out some plastic plugs to sit as close as I could to flush with the seat face. Not perfect but it's as close as I'm going to get. I almost look like I know what I'm doing Actually this isn't part of my normal operations so I'm still in the "get fluid everywhere but where you want it" mode. Right now the math is following pretty closely to the actual measured chamber size. Not sure what my ultimate goal is since I have no plans on hitting a target CC when it leaves the shop. Ideally in my thinking you would do the valves and make your final surface cut and CC the chambers. Then you would order pistons designed to meet your CR goals. The problem is that can add months to a build. I’m basically grabbing data to see how much variance there is from head to head. I think that ordering pistons based on a certain CC chamber and then have the builder surface and CC to dial it in will be the safest approach.
  12. You beat me to it It was a lot better than I was expecting and mostly accurate. I'm glad they kept the HybridZ origins in there and a link to the page also.
  13. Ok well we know it will go to 3.4. Still a lot of questions though. Also the lack of actual pictures of the MRZ 3.4 DOHC makes me wonder. I will say that knowing MRZ's price points even if they offered a head like mine it would be pricey.
  14. Nope. I saw that awhile ago and assumed that they were either developing their own head or had made a deal with OSG to buy complete motors. It also say's Nissan 3400 straight 6. Neither the OSG nor mine is a Nissan product so I'm not sure what is going on. I suppose they could be doing some sort of RB thing. Can you get an RB out to 3.4? I don't think the head will flow enough to feed it though in a NA application.
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