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  1. Man I wish I had the time and energy to do big projects like this. Looks like a really fun project.
  2. That looks really good. Nice work.
  3. My only complaint with Zcar Depot is the parts that they make or have made for them don't ever fit properly. I stopped ordering that kind of stuff but I find their service as far as filling orders and getting them out promptly pretty darn good.
  4. What size injectors are you going to use on the 3.1?
  5. Since the 5/8" all thread is smaller than the original pin over time you will develop what is called fretting. The fretting is a type of wear and can create a rusty looking finish. I personally would stay away from all thread and just spring for the pins.
  6. So to clarify things a bit. I produce the bell housings and sell them to Godzilla. They sell them individually or as part of a kit. Godzilla can offer a level of support that I can't and I have had nothing but excellent dealings with them on other things. After I catch up with demand I will start selling bell housings off the shelf but that most likely will be the extent. Godzilla is taking pre orders and the last I heard they had 8 openings left. The patterns are at the foundry waiting for an opening but the holidays are screwing up the schedule. Godzilla charges the same as I wil
  7. I'm no transmission expert by any means but I do play one on TV. As NewZed said the OP needs to define his goals. There are 4 options that I know of that would be considered better than stock. The 240sx 5 speed with modified bell housing. The problem with this conversion is replacement parts are getting harder and harder to come by. There have been some tolerance issues with some of the aftermarket parts as well. I hated the gear ratio spread. One of the T5 options or a variant of them. I don't have any opinion on those other than they are fairly noisy and they only
  8. Yes that is correct. The foundry is a little backed up at the moment but they are trying to work me in. Problem is Covidmas has pretty much thrown everyones time line out of whack.
  9. So the first ten bell housings have been sold and shipped to Godzilla Raceworks who is a dealer on these. Those ten are all sold. He offers the bell housings as well as the rest of the stuff needed for the conversion. I sell the bell housings direct but I don't stock nor get involved with the rest of the stuff. The bell housing and modified front cover is $1110.00 plus shipping. It comes with all the necessary bolts. You will need to source a shifter, crossmember and driveshaft. If you have a brand new takeoff front cover from a CDXXX I will accept that as a co
  10. Derek

    9,000 rpm?

    What it takes to get there is not going to answered here most likely because it is a list that is long. The absolute best advice I would give you is to contact Datsunspirit. Pay the price they quote and you will get what you want. It will be expensive. Plus they work directly with Jenvey. This is going to sound harsh but it is reality. If you are asking here then you probably don't have the skill set ( I don't) to actually leverage the different opinions that may be presented and actually build this type of motor. Getting to 9K reliably is a really heavy lift in my opinion. Getting
  11. This is pretty standard in my experience for all suppliers during Covid. None of the Z car parts places are fully stocked. I have the same issues with non car related suppliers as well. Except of course Mc Master Carr. They are a national treasure:)
  12. I saw that after I posted and yes shipping is stupid. like $40.00 USD or more. The 280 is a very tricky design. Here are some of the different attempts we made trying to get the fit right.
  13. Just save yourself some time and buy a set of mine:) $110.00 plus shipping.
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