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  1. Hey everyone, first major post on the project. Its a 76 280 that has a F54/P90 with a 5MT trans that was running MegaSquirt II NA. I bought it this way and ran it a while, but couldn't stand it any more, I had to turbo it. I started gathering the major bits back in September and began the process of taking it apart to make the major surgery changes. I pulled the head to CC the chambers, make some cooling mods, port match, 5 angle valve cut and merge the seats to bowls. The turbo intake i picked up is going to get some major surgery. All the extra stuff is getting cut off and welded up. EGR ports all machined off, then all the holes welded up. Machining the injector ports to set the Bosch injectors further down in the port. The TB I was running was a 240sx, but I have a 65mm TB from a other project sitting around, so off came the flange on the manifold. I am going to fab/weld a TB flange that will make it all bolt up nicely, also point it in the right direction for the intercooler to connect without a dog leg section. The turbo is a water cooled GT35 T4 flange. The exhaust manifold is going under the knife too. The T3 flange is going to get a 1" thick T4 flange welded to the manifold then machined so the turbo will bolt right up with out a adapter. Manifold is getting a external wastegate port welded into it too to support the 60mm WG. Yes the WG is big, but plan is to run fairly low (max 15) pressures, so need a 'big' WG to control the pressures without 'creep'. Exhaust is 3" all the way back to the muffler. The muffler exit is going to get modded too. I spent an hour cutting the bumper mount out of the way so the muffler can get tucked all the way up. Intercooler from Treadstone, pretty excited about this one, pictures will explain as soon as I post them. I have not decided if will blow off to atmosphere or recirculate. With the fairly large turbo, I am leaning toward re-circulation. ECM is a Megasquirt, its going under the mod knife too.... The distributor is getting ditched in favor of a 36-1 crank mounted tone wheel. Then ignition will be driven my the MS through coil drivers that I am adding in. Going with Coil On Plug (Ford Mod Motor coils). MS is going to control the boost too! https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN33gflJMya3thE8uIA-ql4MjOqkUDbinqldgIfcdjy_mRLOBhB3vkLifxyRhqDVg/photo/AF1QipOIFi49Ay9aOB9eNrWt-CjFy3qK2IVzOyGijqVK?key=RTJoNDA4bHdVZnNHTXZ0ZEVRZjV5X1RFWjFTQm53
  2. Fiberglass door panels w/speaker holes

    interested in a set of CF w/speakers. Let me know how to get a hold of you.