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  1. rags

    Is this site dead?

    I'm still here as well but like I do every 8-10 years of so, the Z's have taken a back seat to another ride.
  2. rags

    RIP John Coffey (johnc)

    Not sure if everyone here has heard but we have lost a wealth of knowledge on Z cars. John Coffey had a fatal motorcycle accident yesterday. RIP John.
  3. rags

    Mike Kelly's Zcar Project

    No can do. I'm using hubs based off the 300ZXt and have moved the rotor and therefore the caliper outward to fill the void created by using the 350Z wheels and their +33 offset. The hats are for a 55-57 Chevy and work fine lol
  4. rags

    Mike Kelly's Zcar Project

    You have 12 bolt mount on your hubs? Lucky dog! I only have 8 which greatly reduces my rotor choices.I was limited to 13" rotor because of this
  5. rags

    MGW shifter boot

    Do you mean the leather shifter boot? If so, I used the boof from a 2004 Mustang Cobra and mated it to the console. Fits perfectly!
  6. rags

    Tire width

    255/35-18 on 350Z track rims. No issues.
  7. Lucky? I don't know if I would call you lucky as this is the first time I have ever seen a rollpin back itself out! Glad you didn't have to pull the trans to get her back together. Happy Thanksgiving
  8. rags

    Mike Kelly's Zcar Project

    We're still waiting for your driving vid!
  9. rags

    What did you do to your Z today?

    This. I'm sick.
  10. Keith, Are you married to the 28 inch tire? I think a 25 inch tire and a 3.9 diff should get you close in 6th gear. You have a GTO trans right? that's a .56 6th gear. Joe
  11. One thing I've learned from being on this forum for since the begining is this guy ^ really enjoys his Z! Ain't no sitting around saying "I should have", "I would have", "I could have". Nope, Keith does it! Joe
  12. We dropped a 2300 on an LS2 in my friends 73. Bone stock with the exception of long tubes and the huffer. It made 503 on a dynojet and has yet to be tuned. She's not even breathing hard!
  13. rags

    R200 billet diff cover

    I think the reason there isn't one already available is because it can't be done for that price. The problem is the chunk of aluminum needed to make the billet cover costs $350 by itself. Adding bosses and or different stud spacing is not a big deal and I'm sure can be done without additional cost. Joe
  14. rags

    R200 billet diff cover

    Whoa, I just got the price for this. $600. I'm still going to have mine made. If you still want to do it let me know and I will put you in touch directly with the company making it for me.
  15. rags

    R200 billet diff cover

    I have swapped covers on a Q45 with an R200 that came out of a Z. Can you tell me what you are referring to? The only thing I have ever seen different is the provisions for the speed sensors on the Q diff. Obvoiusly, since this is a Z forum, the covers won't have those.