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  1. Seat mount issue

  2. Seat mount issue

    Now I'm wondering what kind of seat they had im there. Any ideas of what seat would require those welded plates?
  3. Seat mount issue

    Removed the seats to the z and notice these welded plates. I know they aren't supposed to be there. Anyone have any idea why someone would do this? The seats I took out look like the stock seats. Pictures are for both sides.
  4. what fuses to use?

    Thanks for the help, brother. Have a good one!
  5. what fuses to use?

    Ah! I didn't even think about looking up the fuel pump recommendations. It says to use a 7 1/2, its a holley blue. Sound right? Hmmmm, so the alternator doesn't need a fuse in between it and the battery?
  6. transmission options and opinions

    Darn. I was hoping to be able to swap something with another gear, easily. What do you guys think of rebuilding the th350 with an overdrive???
  7. Im currently running a 350 to th350 trans in my 71 240z. Question is, what other transmission can I use that will line up with the th350 trans mount that is already there?? Or would I have to change the mount location no matter what?
  8. what fuses to use?

    So, I wired up this fuse block on my 71 240z V8 and am trying to figure out what size fuses to use for each wire. The one on the left is coming from the alternator. The one in the middle is going to the white w/red stripe wire that went to the old ammeter. And the one on the right is a blue wire going to the fuel pump relay.
  9. delco alternator wiring question

    I got the alternator tested and it passed. Im fresh out of ideas and it sucks because I really wanted to take the car to JCCS tomorrow. Oh well, thanks for you help. I appreciate it.
  10. delco alternator wiring question

    Ok, so, i got a multimeter and noticed that the battery is putting out 11.60v when its completly off. When i turn the key to acc the voltage begins to drop slowly. When i turn the car on it drops quicker. I revved it up to see if the alt. would begin to charge, and nothing. Volts still dropped, and faster. I got the alt. checked and its good. I disconnected the volt meter to see if that was the issue, it wasn't still got voltage drop while the car was on. I left the positive on the battery and checked it later to see the battery is still at 11.60v. So it isn't draining the battery when the car is off only when its on.
  11. delco alternator wiring question

    Ok. The car is a 71 240z running a sbc 350 with a th350 tranny. I have a volt meter wired in to the thick white wires that were on the ammeter. I put them together with the power wire to the volt meter. The volt meter is always on even with the car off. It reads just below 12v and then drops to about 8 to 9v when the car is on. A bit lower when i turn the lights on and the electric fan slows down as well. I haven't noticed what it does when I rev the car, I will get back to you on that. I put a multimeter on the battery with the car off and it reads 13.7-8 and 10.3-4 when the car is running,if that info helps.
  12. delco alternator wiring question

    Please, man. I would appreciate it. The alternator isn't charging, but it test ok.
  13. removing unnecessary wiring

  14. delco alternator wiring question

    Hey guys, its me again. Im trying to figure out how the previous owner routed the wiring for the alternator. Im reading below 12v and even less when the car is on and lights are on. Did the dude before know what he was doing? The red arrow is the thick wire coming from the alt and the green is the thin. The thin wire is also spliced into another pink/white stripe wire. The alt is a delco series 10.
  15. removing unnecessary wiring

    Excellent!!! Won't be needing them.