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  1. Joe, I see you have the same fender covers I don't have either. 🤣
  2. I agree with @AydinZ71, and if I may add, if you decide to apply the small fillet bead, it'd have to a 100% effective seal. If there is any void that would allow moisture into the space behind the windshield, it might exacerbate the problem by ensuring it stays wet. Don't forget too that air carries water vapor and when it cools, that vapor will condense. Airborne water vapor movement is tough to stop, so treat it like it will always be wet.
  3. Holy crap, do I feel your pain. I moved from my self-built huge shop with A/C and hydronic heat in the floor 😁 to NO shop. Currently using the garage that has a LOT of machines in storage, so no room to move about. It may not be as tight as yours, but it's darn close.
  4. An ambitious undertaking to be sure! Lots to look forward to - the fun and the PITA. Good thing you have a manual!
  5. The paint work looks really nice. Isn't it confounding how long it takes to make measurable progress?
  6. Lots to read. Thanks for the info. I haven't finished reading it, so please forgive for asking now, but are there any good pics of the modification? The thread I started reading is so old that the images have been deleted.
  7. @NewZed Very good reference material. I always prefer to rely on experts, and Parker certainly qualifies as such. I have set up inventory systems using McMaster's naming conventions and they use "square (as well as others) o-ring". I'll be sure to alert them tomorrow!😁
  8. Thanks @grannyknot and @AydinZ71. Sorry I missed your replies. Definitely looking into it.
  9. Jumping in here, where does one find a good door skin? I need each side.
  10. I was surprised and happy for you that your story ended well. When I started to read your post, I thought you would say an ear broke off. 😳 Gentle pressure, relentlessly applied. Works for all sorts of things!
  11. If you are able to start the engine everytime and after it's running it then shuts down, it doesn't seem to indicate a problem with the ignition switch. Though recalcitrant, it works. If the fuel supply is cutting out after the switch returns from START to ON, then I'm with @sjoost. The problem sounds like it's related to a condition needing to be satisfied after start - the condition being a matter of safety. If you an ammeter, look at the current to the pump compared to time. When is it on, when is it off. If it's repeatable, then it is under control, and suggests something is
  12. Ahh, electrical problems. Aren't they just the best?! 😁🤔
  13. Have you tried manually operating the AFM flap, while the engine is idling? If you are able to determine if the mixture changes appropriately, it would suggest the AFM and ECU are at least functioning on that front. Might also eliminate some variables.
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