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  1. 1973 240Z with Chevy V8 - Monguuz

    Dang, been looking for an LSx S30 in GA for a while now, not sure how this one flew under my radar >_<. If for whatever reason things don't go as planned, let me know.
  2. 1971 240Z Project Car with LS Swap

    Interested! Commented on your photo album. I'll also msg you my email address.
  3. ZCAR noob looking for advice on potential car purchase

    I appreciate the support, Miles. I REALLY dig this style http://jdmchicago.com/wp/2012/10/christine-siepkas-1978-datsun-280z/ is the general recommendation to find something bone stock and build up? I guess I was trying to cheap out and try to snag a deal from someone who had already put time into theirs.
  4. ZCAR noob looking for advice on potential car purchase

    I appreciate all the extremely helpful insight you all have provided me with. Even if he took 10k (which I doubt he would since it has been his baby for 10 years and daily driven for half of that time) it seems like I'm getting in over my head here...
  5. ZCAR noob looking for advice on potential car purchase

    Alright he let me know that the factory wires are crimped and the rebuild wires are all soldered. No AC but he has all the equipment for it (which I would fix DAY ONE if purchased).
  6. ZCAR noob looking for advice on potential car purchase

    That's a great point regarding the factory service manual. I have a fallback honda civic that is very reliable but I wanted that to be the back up and a more exciting vehicle to be my daily. I'll be sure to inquire regarding the wiring though, thanks for the tip. Outside of reading it in his clist post, I didn't know anything about Rebello. Thanks for pointing that out and I'll be requesting the receipts and picking his brain about this. Again, very much appreciated. So would you say there are fishy things to consider with this purchase? The absolute last thing I want to do is get involved with a purchase that starts out with a significant loss.
  7. I posted something similar in another forum and wanted to get some opinions from the HybridZ forum. I found one that appeals to me and am considering driving the 3 hours to pick it up tomorrow. I'm looking for advice from you experienced folk- looking at the list of mods, year etc. does anything stand out that would keep this from being a reliable daily driver and is the asking price on point in your opinions? https://savannah.craigslist.org/cto/5666205669.html Thanks so much in advance for all of your help.