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  1. This is normal for lowering springs. Just make sure that the spring sits in the lower spring perch and in the spring hat seat correctly when the weight is on the suspension (you have it in the right orientation here). It's easy to get them out of alignment when installing them in the car and before putting the car on the ground. I usually use a couple of zip ties to keep the spring in the right position with respect to the hat and perch. There are drain holes in the lower spring perch and in the hats that will fit zip ties.
  2. Thanks! I looked into that at one point, too, with the swp but they all seemed to mount too far out and would either hit the inner fender well or not clear the hood. This bracket kit for the lwp is pretty simple, looks clean, and worked well with my mostly stock wiring.
  3. That ICT bracket looks like it may not clear. I used the following March Bracket kit to mount mine on the passenger side: https://marchperformance.com/chevy/chevy-small-block/brackets/long-water-pump/chevy-small-block-ultra-alternator-brackets.html
  4. Car is back up for sale: https://atlanta.craigslist.org/wat/cto/d/1973-datsun-240z-v8/6675525224.html
  5. There's another thread on this topic where the pics still work: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/120932-blower-motor-upgrade-kia-sportage/
  6. This car sold to YoSammyT. Thread can be closed.
  7. I have one. Will PM with pics in a little bit.
  8. Pretty sure I have one. I'll check tonight or in the morning.
  9. With both the JTR and hooker mounting kits I've used the GM truck motor mounts that @jhm mentioned. They are for '63 to '72 GM trucks. You can use a Chevy C10 from those years as a reference vehicle.
  10. I've seen a few, but don't recall the specific users. Redlinevo7's is a good example, though, as linked above.
  11. I looked at them, but agreed on the expensive. I was able to find a few used pieces on ebay. Got enough to do my 280. This can be closed.
  12. Pretty sure it will clear. I almost always leave the lower pulley attached to the harmonic balancer when pulling or installing mine. I don't think the water pump sticks out much farther.
  13. For drag racing you want both wheels spinning off the line, so you want locking diff, spool, or welded diff.
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