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  1. jjwongx27

    Group Buy on SpeedHut Gauges

    How much can you do on speed hit gauges 6 GAUGE CUSTOM KIT GPS Speedometer 200mph, Tachometer 10K RPM Shift-light, Oil Pressure Gauge 100 psi, Water Temp Gauge 120-260F, Fuel Level Gauge, Volt Gauge 0-18V Except I don't need volt gauge. If I can swap it out for an a/f ratio one http://www.speedhut.com/customizer.i?clid=5572651
  2. jjwongx27

    1972 240z 1jz non vvti

    hey guys i been running on stock twin turbo set up on my 1jz non vvti on my datsun Z . I found an oil leak off the turbo and looking to upgrade and go single turbo. I am currently having a very hard time find a turbo kit to fit into the s30. i search here on forums and nothing pops up except for drewgo manifold? that isnt currently for sale new . I am wondering what turbo kits are you guys running and what size turbo did you guys fit in it? im wanting to fit a S366 because that turbo sounds sooo great on the JZ motors Thank you!
  3. jjwongx27

    1972 240z 1jz non vvti

    How much you wanting to sell it for ? Shipped to 93311 ? Looks like the driftmotion one for 175?