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  1. I've sold tons of these, and haven' had a ton of complaints on the fuel level, but then again, most of these guys are probably still in project car status lol. Personally though, I have had a handful of Zs here that I've installed the gauges for them, and they all seem to read in quarters. The way I calibrate it is by removing the level all together, and just lifting it, and lowering it that way. If you move the level out of the tank, it reads relatively smoothly, but for some reason when it goes back into the tank, it only reads in 1/4's. On the flip side though, on my own personal Z, I was never able to actually fill it up to max capacity either (for some unknown reason). If memory serves, the factory tank is supposed to be 15 gallons or so, I could only get 8 out of mine, and I've actually let the car run out of fuel idling at the shop, just to test it. This was even when I first got the car, and it was relatively stock.
  2. The issue is the OHM reading of the factory level isn't that wide. If memory serves, the level reads in quarters (Full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4), and so it's not super accurate. What I have done in the was I used a 0-5v fuel level converter, and I used it for a digital fuel level inside the ECU for a customer. He didn't use SpeedHut gauges, he had a full standalone with a matching cluster, but at that point it read relatively normal. If people are interested in this, I can reach out to speedhut and see if they can make their gauges read a 0-5 instead of a OHM reading.
  3. Holy moly! I haven't been on hybridz in sooo long. I wanted everyone to know, the information on the first page is still the best way to contact me! I am still here, and I am still selling gauges!
  4. Black Friday Sales are active! Orders are good unitl monday. Please feel free to PM wiht your part numbers! Alternatively you can give me a call 254-680-3308
  5. Yup, that fixed it! forumS.hybridz. Digging the new look!
  6. Hey for some reason I can't get either one of my laptops to load HZ. I can get on via mobile. Anyone else having g this issue?
  7. I have a single kit here for a 260z. Customer ordered it, and decided to go a different route. It's a regular kit (not extreme low). It's here in stock, and might be possible to give an extra discount on the kit.
  8. I'm a dealer for Rota, if you're looking for new
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