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  1. emil

    Alternator problem....

    My car is a 280zx 1981 so it always have a internally regulator I think... that's what people told me..! The blue wire in the t goes to the volt light and that's work! But if I disconnect blue wire it stops running whit key turn off... I have a wiring diagram from Haynes but I can't figure it it why it won't work...!
  2. My old alternator went bad and I bought a new one... the old one was a Bosch from a Volkswagen and the guy installing it have cut my T-connection... The new one came whit a new T and I rewire it... now I can't turn of my engine... Key is of but engine still running.. and some how it power the ign... The voltage light works and the it comes of when engine runs... if I disconnect the blue wire from Alternator it works but it gives 15 volts to battery!! I'm going for a tuning shop in Monday to tune my MS so I'm desperate to get this work!!! I have now idea what to do! Pleas help
  3. emil

    How to Wiring Mackay MS3 harenss....???

    Does anyone have Kurk Mackay tune for MS? I have made som wrong in my tune and can't make it work! So I need a new tune to start over whit...!
  4. emil

    How to Wiring Mackay MS3 harenss....???

    I have done all my wiring and I think it is all okay! But how do I know if my ECU power up? I can't conect my tunerstudio to the MS ECU..? The 3 led's on my ECU are the going light up when ECU are powered? Anyone know??
  5. emil

    How to Wiring Mackay MS3 harenss....???

    Okey! Thanks anyway! Do you know if e need the stock relays? Or can I only use the MS relays to support fuel pump? The ignition I think I have found! And the TPS I can't find in the MS 3 harness..? Do you run harness frome Mackay?
  6. emil

    How to Wiring Mackay MS3 harenss....???

    I cant find this plug! I don't find a plug where fuel pump and ign are separated... I've got 4 wires from plug to ign. lock...! Black/white- ign Yellow - start Blue - Acc White - +12v constant Nothing I can use there... The relay box under hood? Can I connect MS there?
  7. emil

    How to Wiring Mackay MS3 harenss....???

    Thank u so much!!! Great info!!!
  8. emil

    How to Wiring Mackay MS3 harenss....???

    I have read the manual! But I don't know how Kurk maid the harness... so I hope that someone else have a mackay harness and know how it works! So where in my car can I conect to Ign so my MS relay switch on my MS unit? And we're can I conect my fuel pump? I understand how I conect the relay tho my MS but how do I conect it to the fuel pump in my car? These questions I can't find I MS manual??!!
  9. Hi..! I´m new in this forum and new to the Datsun Cars....! I have an 280 ZX-81 and i´m living in Sweden were this cars is hard to find...! im going to build a L28E whit turbo and have talk to Kurk Mackay a lott and he has guided me throu my building. I have bougth a complet kit from Kurk whit MS3, Harness, MTX-L WBO2 and IAT and TPS sensors... I also have relays and fuse box from Kurk.... Now he cant help me whit my questions and I need som help with the wiring.... were do I conect the relays to my stoch Feulpump relay? were dó i find IGN 12V to support my MS3 with Power? I have wiring diagram for the MTX-L and the IAT... The TPS have 3 cabels in the plug... The harness from Kurk dosen´t have a conector for this one.. so i Think i have to cut and make my on plugs.... wich wires should I use in the harness? I hop that someone will help me....! and I´m sorry for my bad English!! Best regards Emil
  10. Will someone help me? I have a MS 3 from mackay and harness to... How do I conect it to my car? Fuel pump etc...? I have a fuse box and relays that I have no idea how to wiring to work whit my car? Harness is market like the pics above but we're will I wiring it to work whit my pump and key Acc to give the MS power?!? Sorry for bad English...!