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  1. 1973 240Z LS1 V8 swap

    How much u pay
  2. 1973 240Z LS1 V8 swap

    If u want auto 4l80e 6.0 chevy wit like 600whp on low boost....might have something for u
  3. 1973 240Z LS1 V8 swap

    Ul get good one...be patient...
  4. 1974 260z LS3 4l80E project for sale.

    Post ur email or number man
  5. 1974 260z LS3 4l80E project for sale.

    Interested in trades have 74 and 73 email me stevem17500@hotmail.com...
  6. 73 240Z with SBC V8- worth it? Good build?

    Saki302...u seem like nice guy I'm owner of the the red datsun...and just cause u think driveline needs replacement isn't actually so...motor work fine...and trans shifts smooth ur not an expert. im not one also to say something isn't functional and needs replacement. unless ur a mechanic and fully inspected a car ur self personally witch u did not.u did not drive it and assume something is wrong witch is stupid.the car was originally set up for road coarse and the short gearing. if u know about cars helps get out for the corners faster.....the body may need work but so does every other z out there in the price range...and this add for this car is nice with alot of money in it...people take for granted how much everything cost and want a cheap car that has all the bells and whistles and be 10/10 every car needs work just comes down to what ur willing to pay and how much effort it takes to get there...for someone who's never owned a z u sure think u know alot...and be able to just judge things from looking lol...i hope.u find ur sweetheart car and not have any issues...
  7. fs: 1976 Datsun 280z Roller

    Email stevem17500@hotmail.com if still available thanks
  8. 1974 260z LS3 4l80E project for sale.

    Email me stevem17500@hotmail.com cash buyer
  9. 260z with SBC? Worth it?

    Rb26powered74zcar u have the eye of the Tiger.to spot that
  10. 1974 260z LS3 4l80E project for sale.

    Is this car for sale still email me stevem17500@hotmail.com have cash and ready to buy
  11. WTB S30 $15K

    Have 74z email me must see beatifull red with flat black deep dish ris shave bumpers...sbc 350 with r200 and muncie 4 speed badd ass little setup stevem17500@hotmail.com
  12. Looking for a 1975 or older Z

    I have 74z 260 in southern cali.350sbc with muncie 4 speed and r200 4.1 gear ratio...beatifull car must see. deep dish rims..email.me for pics asking 9500 obo. Stevem17500@hotmail.com

    Email me stevem17500@hotmail.com interested def please thanks
  14. wow someone is getting nice car