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  1. No Longer Looking
  2. Im definitely willing to and will do all modifications necessary to have a good handling car within reason. I have been able to dig up some good threads from you guys with a ton of info. One thing that I have a quation about is the Roll Center spacers. Looks like the FP builds all tun them. Would you still run them along with slotting the cross member?
  3. Addressing firewall flex

    Still lots of room for induction? Its too bad our chassis needs such a bulky solution, but well done.
  4. I found an old thread from Johnc talking about ride heights and alignment settings. I will shoot to have something in those ranges I assume. I come from the land of front wheel drive hobbiest level racing, 1989 Jetta, 2003 Mazda Protege5, 2015 VW GTI, so all of this is rather new to me. It is surprising that for how old this chassis is, there isn't a ton of information to be found for setup and tuning. Most everything seems to end up back to yourself and or John. What is the normal amount of lowering needed to end up at race heights? It must be more than just losing the rubber isolators? Matt
  5. Thanks for the reply. I am planning on running camber plates on all 4 corners. Not sure if that is a requirement for a fast autox setup. I am planning on using ground control coilovers as well. It was my understanding you had to section and run coilovers to get to race height.. What spring rates would you recommend for a 2+2? It will be gutted, front and rear strut bars, fuel cell, 15x9 or 15x10, and most likely frame rails replaced to tie in front to back. I was thinking of 250f/275r
  6. Hey guys, First post as I'm getting ready to build my 1978 280z 2+2. 1) I was wondering if there is any negative to running the BZ3099 on all 4 corners by making the appropriate spacer for the rears? Is there any real benefit to buying the BZ3015/BZ3012 etc? I assume it would be fine as people are running the Koni 8610-1437 in all 4 corners. I can save $80 going this route but is it worth it? 2) Since I am working on a 2+2 is there a different recommendation on spring rates? The car will be Sundays and Autox only. Thanks