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  1. Start reading, the archives are full of info.
  2. The Datsun wiper motor takes a bad rap for a problem that is almost always in the wiper linkage, specifically the spindles that the wiper arms attach to, they are usually rusted up and sometimes ceased. By removing the locking spring clip they can be disassembled, cleaned and greased up again. Once every 40 yrs or so
  3. Do you still have the stock parts? If you can install them and take some measurements of where the Diff normally is and compare that to where it is with the TTT stuff. As I understand it the TTT parts are suppose to replicate the stock positions so if you mount all the stock hardware you should be able to replace any one of those parts with the TTT part and still have everything fit. Maybe try that one piece at a time to see if you can isolate the problem.
  4. You could try one of these, ArizonaZcar and Whitehead Performance carry them.
  5. If I ever win the lottery... I would love to put this cute little thing in a 240z, https://elmerracing.com/raceshop/race-engines/thor-billet-engine-detail Very light, would mount behind the shock towers and of course 1500hp could fun as well.
  6. I'm taking notes, those clearances are looking good, I wonder why @m3240z felt he had to shave D/S oil pan to get enough room, you seem to have lots? Have you considered the Saturn/Equinox electric steering mod? Much lighter than the hydraulic systems and frees up space where the steering pump and hoses were, there are a number of threads on it here and on Classiczcar.
  7. Goddamn that is a lot of rust, perhaps check your area for a chemical dipper shop, some serious work there.
  8. and Aussies are always trying to prove they're rugged individuals who think for themselves. That is an equally generalized statement that applies to almost no one. The real point is that the vendor has posted a dozen odd photos of his work that we have to assume he is proud of, well if that is his good work ...
  9. Listen to what @jhm is telling you, it's good advice. No fuel line should ever be running over top of the transmission like that, there is the possibility of it being pinched, your heating the fuel up unnecessarily and there is no reason to have that connector there except to patch up a previous owners poor planning. You can go fancy with SS or just p/u a coil of fuel line at NAPA, both will be safer than what you have right now.
  10. Very nice that last photo, if it is good enough for the aircraft industry, it's good enough for our Z's.
  11. You said it and some web page design would be nice too. Not a good way to introduce yourself to the community. I wish him luck though.
  12. You're right, I said woodruff key but I meant the drive/locating pin.
  13. The starter, it's a big draw item.
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