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  1. Using argon the inside weld is smoother than solar flux but not a lot.
  2. That's not a small accomplishment! Congrats, are you purging the pipe with argon or using Solar Flux?
  3. I couldn't figure what you talking about, then I saw it, stealthy, no hot spots in your head. The throttle linkage is excellent I think, minimal hardware, clean. That goes for all the work you've done, that's going to be a killer engine bay.
  4. The energy poly bumpstops are terrible, if you ever bottom out and hit them it's bone jarring, the poly foam bumpstops are superior and stop the bump but with a lot more control, Koni makes good ones. The Eibach lowing springs are pretty good which is why they are so popular.
  5. Silvermine looks like it covers everything, I'm just about to order this. https://www.silverminemotors.com/datsun/datsun-240z/brake-upgrades/datsun-240z-260z-280z-rear-dual-caliper-wilwood-brake-upgrade-with-dedicated-cable-handbrake-caliper-stock-cable
  6. Those don't look too bad at all, as long as there is not a corresponding scratch on the journal, what does the other side of the bearing look like? Quite often it is the upper half of the bearing that takes most of the wear.
  7. It might be a better idea to replace the whole thing, https://tabcoparts.com/1234-42395.html Chances are if one side is rusty then the other side is not far behind.
  8. This. You might want to go back to the shop and show them, they owe you a pair of control arms.
  9. Lucky you, a PO dropped a L28 into it. 2.8L engine from a 280z.
  10. At the point where your engine is starving for fuel Really though I think the sock fuel lines are probably good for at least a 200 hp engine, more than that you would want to go up a one size. The stock return line will be fine until you get up there in the hp and larger fuel pump.
  11. I've done this a couple of times and I would suggest not to throw out the stock wiring harness so fast, it is made of good quality wire and usually just needs having the connectors cleaned. I usually end up splicing the stock harness and the engine management harness into one.
  12. I like that you have put the ridge of the punch out on the upper side for some grip, usually you see it the other way around and your feet slide on the smooth steel.
  13. All they care about is the look not the engineering. My body and paint guy is the reason I now do all my own body and paint, when I took the car up to him I said "Nothing under the hood needs any filler, please spend that time on the panels." When I pick up the car he's filled in all the spotweld dimples and seams in the engine bay, he thought it looked great. I told him it looks like the car was in a major collision and I'm trying to hide the damage with filler. At some point it all has to come off.
  14. Yes, it's very simple or maybe even crude but it does keep the urethane air dam from bending at speed.
  15. @Jeff, I like it, it opens it up so you can put the rad and cold air intake exactly where you want them and then, as you say, fill in the gaps with panels. So I guess you have some kind of backing support piece for the arch to bolt into?
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