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  1. It should be as simple as cutting power to the running light side of the blinker bulb, there should be a bullet connector on each of the wires going to the bulb.
  2. It's still there, https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/2954-original-boobs-thread/?&page=216#comments
  3. Hey, thanks. I will check that out.
  4. Thanks, that is the coolant return to the pressure tank that sits where the battery use to be, BMW makes a plastic piece that inserts there but it is known to crack easily so I turned one out of aluminum on the lathe and screwed a brass elbow in so no more fear of cracking. The temp sensors are hidden behind the oil filter canister.
  5. Thanks guys, I'm a bit of an engine slut and it does make pulling the engine fairly quick and painless.
  6. You will have to do many small tack welds with thin Mig wire and then join them up, as I'm sure you know, sometimes the old metal on these cars really doesn't like being welded to new metal. You could also try Silicon/Bronze brazing Mig wire, interesting stuff to weld/braze with, it melts at a much lower temperature so the panels don't get as hot and little chance of warping.
  7. I don't know how I missed this thread, just found it now and a treat to read all the way through. Big project to tackle, good on you, we have to save those rusty ones! Excellent work you are doing, I especially like the BMW engine. My first rotisserie was made of wood but no where near as nice as yours. Are you going to leave the custom antenna hole? I think that is what the old hot rodders called Frenching.
  8. I think I'm almost ready for spring, the new cooling system is in and the oil cooler, installed the "drive by wire" gas pedal(not thrilled about that but we'll see), the rad support cross over is finished now, exhaust system in place. Just waiting on a fuel regulator to come from Germany before I can start it up. Still have to hang the fenders, hood, grill, bumper and spoiler. This is probably the cleanest this engine will ever be so posted extra pics.
  9. I got the cut out of the radiator support all finished so thought I would post some pics of the final product.
  10. Geez! Cheap crap, at least it looks like you may be able to slip the collar back on and place a few tack welds around it.
  11. Welcome to the forum! $3-4k to spend on the engine is pretty damn good. First off you want to find out what kind of compression the engine has, you are not necessarily looking for the highest numbers but consistency between the numbers. If the numbers are good then consider just replacing the main and conrod bearings leaving the rings and pistons alone and put some money into the head where the power is made. Or, since you posted on Hybridz, put the L26 in the corner and pick up an engine with a lot more power and transplant it into you Z, $3-4k will open you up to a wide range used engine/tranny combos.
  12. That is seriously undersized😬 If you don't mind going back into body work you weld a 1/8th" welding rod to the inner lip of the hatch opening all the way around with tack welds then fill and sand. Not ideal but only another Z guy would notice it.
  13. Yes you can, some of the s30 racers have done just that. If you go for one of the expensive lithium batteries that are smaller you could go lower than 6".
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