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  1. I read on one of those spec lists the S54 weighs 328lbs but it didn't say what that included. This L28 weighed 304lbs but it only had the cast iron exhaust manifold on it. I'll see if I can get a weight on the s54 this weekend.
  2. If you go with LED headlights get the best set you can afford and make sure they don't blind the on coming drivers, I have the H4 Halogens from Hella and a complete wiring harness upgrade, without new larger wires you won't see much improvement. The wiring harness upgrade that sells on MotorSport Auto are made by Zsonthebrain, this thread should give you all the info, https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/32389-best-new-headlights-for-a-stock-240z/
  3. I've heard a few times over the years that the new windshield glass is a slightly different shape around the corners and can cause some leaks if not sealed up properly, personally I would pick up an old one.
  4. Fantastic, the S54 is certainly the best straight six BMW ever made. Are you really going to run your trumpets like that, sucking road dust into your pristine cylinders? It would sound glorious though.
  5. Have a look at my build, it covers a lot of what you will run into,
  6. You can remove the licence plate light and behind it are the 2 bolts that hold the receiver latch to the car, unbolt them and the hatch should open. With that area having so much rust it is almost certain those to bolts will snap off when unscrewing them.
  7. Hey Mike, welcome to the forum, if you're going to put a ford v8 in have a look at this, he did some beautiful work, https://www.lainefamily.com/240Z_V8_Conversion.htm
  8. That looks like water got to the lead and it has oxidized, you can scrape away all the crumbly stuff until you get down to fresh lead then seal with epoxy when you do the rest of the car, filler will be needed to smooth out the lines.
  9. I had my 72 dipped a few years back, you are working against time now that the metal is unprotected, the place that did mine sprayed the shell down with a water based rust inhibitor that was good for about 10 days. Something like this for inside the subframe, https://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-internal-frame-coating-14oz-aerosol.html Personally, I cut out those pitted ares and weld in new metal, but somewhere like the spare tire well I would just seal it well. Before you spray the epoxy make sure the metal is really clean, I use a lye based cleaner like Purple Power, then Methyl Hydrate, then wax and grease remover.
  10. Sounds a little trollish, anyone brave enough to click on the link?
  11. You'll love the new digital angle finders, so much easier to use than the old swinging pointer dials. You brought the thread back from the grave so it's all yours now and as you have found it is so nice to find a thread that answers questions and the results have been confirmed by more than person. The archives of Hybridz are priceless. Welcome to the forum.
  12. That is a big selling point for me, I just cannot bring myself to cut the fenders up.
  13. First thing I thought but wasn't going to say anything Could you just go to the DMV with the VIN and find out who owns it now?
  14. I saw this and thought about this thread, this GTO needs some love, https://northtorontoauction.com/v/235884
  15. I'll wait a couple of years until all the bugs have been worked out, lots of potential.
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