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  1. In the market for either a 240z, 260z or 280z. Initially i'm starting my search within the UK and in Europe, so that I would be able to view the car. My only request is that it be a rust free example.
  2. I actually have family in Ohio, so a trip over is never an issue... however, I would want a rust free example from the south (ideally Cali). What is the situation with a non-US citizen buying a car in person and organising for it to be shipped back whilst i'm there?
  3. Hi Villeman Can I ask how you went about having your Z imported from the US? Wanting to do the same thing but to the UK. Did you get to view the car? Or did an import company just pick the car up for you? Thanks
  4. US to UK Import

    Cheers, will try to look him up
  5. US to UK Import

    Hi all, New user here... i'm looking to import either a 240z or 260z with an RB engine from the US to the UK. Could anyone point me in the right direction of anyone or any company that may be able to help with this? Thanks