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  1. yes, but once they break containment..... and if there is oil and not air surrounding the broken seal. They were okay when I got them and a year later you cant move them one inch. Still, yes, success!
  2. I would maybe remove everything thats not needed just in case. Aren´t people suggesting ATF and a 1-2 day soak for this? Make sure you are not mangling up the chain in case it dropped down in a bad position (you did remove the wedge for chain Immobilisation, right ? ) then just try to work it in both directions, more of a rattling, trying to break the rings loose (an idea: If he puts the head on and uses a drill to prime the oil pump, would that bring oil back to the crank? )
  3. So, a quick update: Apparently all shocks seized completely. Since seizing for air shocks is unknown to me, I assume the Oil in the strut casing did this (filled to the top) so thats definitely something to know! Thanks everybody for the help. New shocks are in and rides like a charm
  4. 280z 2+2 and I think for the front suspension there should be no difference
  5. So, KYB delivered to Germany in 2 Days (Rockauto+Fedex) Just thinking, how can I check whether I have mixed up the springs? 76 280z 2+2 …...just want to be SURE this time !
  6. Yes, they are old stock... guess I will order KYB for peace of mind thanks everybody!
  7. Well, drove the car quite a bit. At this point i am unsure about the source of the problems, true. Thing is, one side can be pushed in when i lean on the fender like I would expect, and I would be fine if it were just stiff. But changing stiffness with repeated compression is strange. True on the gas shocks not knowing their surrounding. I stil assume that filling in oil (mistake, instructions read later stated: NEVER FILL THE OUTER CASING WITH OIL). Just wanting to be sure since I would have to order shocks from the states or potentially block our lift for a month.
  8. Hey, no, I drove it like that for some time (don´t ask...around 700 miles). The Gabriels were available but I think I will go KYB ones for now.
  9. Hey guys, sooooo… if have a problem with my suspension. I swapped to a full poly setup and first mistake, we didnt loosen and retighten the bolts once the chassis was in neutral position but we fixed that. BUT: I was so smart to put Gabriel shocks in AND THEN add oil. I now have the funny problem that pushing the fender down once works fine, twice becomes harder and 3 times makes the suspension hard as a brick. My question is, can I just remove the oil or did I kill the shocks already ? (in that case I would need to order replacements before dismanteling them) Thanks, Richard
  10. The code should be on a paper sticker in the glovebox. I know an adress in the netherlands that cuts perfect keys based on that number but I guess thats not really feasible for you guys. IIRC the code on the key is useless for this ^^ . He is also skilled enough to get the code from a key picture. You could ask nicely maybe. He found out that my key was not actually for my car since its profile didn´t match the paper-glovebox sticker and now all locks work a LOT better. PM for adress
  11. Just to be able to blame back. Check the oil flow on each lobe before use ^^
  12. I just multimetered them. Plug/wiring seems good. I guess its either blocked or getting tired. (3 are acutally still the original ones). Anybody has 3 spares? ^^
  13. soooo.....I am basically an idiot.... the long version, looks like one injector seized or got blocked. I can still hear it firing with a screwdriver, but less defined, and when I pull the plug nothing changes as opposed to all other cylinders. Can I swap over the plug from cylinder 3? They should all fire at the same time, right? Just to rule out the cable..
  14. Thanks TimZ, will definitely do that. Today some friendly 180SSS geeks living 5km away came to the rescue (you cannot imagine how rare datsun people are over here). We checked spark, all good swapped plugs to other cylinders compression tested all cylinders --> no problem here checked valve clearance --> tiny bit off on cylinder 4 did a leak down. --> pressure went away very fast on cylinder 4 and cylinder 3 (sadly I now realise we only checked those two) but no bubbling or hissing anywhere..... did we do something wong? The mechanic said it would most likely be okay since there is no noises anywhere at 6 bar pressure
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