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  1. Any help here would be HIGHLY appreciated!! I picked up an 81 280ZX 5 spd N/A and was told it had been sitting for about 2 years and needed a fuel pump. I installed a new fuel pump, drained all the old gas, put new gas in and got it to start and run, but it runs like shit. Looked under the car after it had reached normal warm temp and the catalytic convertor was glowing orange so I figured it must be stopped up so I cut it out but it didn't help it run any better. So, I changed the oil, put a new set of properly gapped plugs in it. Runs and sounds a little better than before, but still not right. I noticed that the SOLID RED check engine light stays on. If you give it any gas, it mostly just sputters and backfires for about 5 seconds but then it will clear up all of a sudden and rev up to 4-5k rpms and sounds like its hitting on all cylinders. (I should note that I noticed that the yellow FUEL light stays on until right as soon as I can get it to clear up from sputtering. It flashes off and the car revs right up, but backfires when going back to idle.. I have checked many switches and connections. I noticed the thermotime switch was partially broken and the connector was it terrible shape, so I replaced both but it hasn't made a difference. I unplugged the CHTS while the engine was running and it immediately shuts the engine off. Im assuming that means that its ok...?? I found one small vacuum hose that is attached to the very rear of the intake manifold on the driver side that has been disconnected on end, but cannot tell where it originally went. Also, capping this hose with my thumb while the engine is running did nothing. Any ideas on what I should do next? Coolant temperature sensor? The car warms up normally and does not overheat. temp gauge seems to be working fine I listened to all the injectors with a stethoscope and they are all ticking away when the car is running. Any advice here will be appreciated....Thanks
  2. TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    Always enjoy watching your videos. Gives me inspiration to keep moving on my build. Are you running at R200 diff with an LSD? OBX?
  3. '73 G-Nose 5.3/T-56 Work In Progress

    Is this vid with open headers? What are your exhaust plans?
  4. '73 G-Nose 5.3/T-56 Work In Progress

    Awesome. I am following your build closely as I am just beginning an L33 swap on my 73 240. Im curious to see what kind of power you make when you get it tuned. What cam did you go with? I cannot see the video you posted above bc I am at work.