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  1. Sweet. Can’t wait to see the finished product.
  2. Daper lights are sooooo much brighter. Not a lot of racing this season for me. Poor health has kept me from doing much these days. Getting on the mend though.
  3. Been awhile.... got my dapper headlights installed and (Lord willing) have a race this coming Sunday.
  4. Thanks box5...... didn’t get to race last weekend. For some reason I have a caliper that has been hanging up after braking and didn’t have time to investigate. I’m going to have all the brake fluids drained and replaced as well as clean up all the pistons. Next race in May should be good to go.
  5. This mornings commute. Z parked in front of my office. Great weather to stretch her legs. First AutoX race this coming weekend.
  6. 2 weeks until the racing season begins..... hope to have some new videos up soon.
  7. Looking good. Nice to see you have made some progress
  8. I ran a C&R radiator on a factory five cobra. Great product
  9. Not much to report. It’s been a rough year in far NorCal. Record fires last summer, and record snow this winter. Lost tress and fencing around the property and had to shut down the office a few days without power anywhere. Hoping and praying for an un-eventful weather pattern for spring and summer with plenty of opportunity to run the Z.
  10. I’d love to see your car finished. A real work of art IMO.
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