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  1. This mornings commute. Z parked in front of my office. Great weather to stretch her legs. First AutoX race this coming weekend.
  2. 2 weeks until the racing season begins..... hope to have some new videos up soon.
  3. Looking good. Nice to see you have made some progress
  4. I ran a C&R radiator on a factory five cobra. Great product
  5. Not much to report. It’s been a rough year in far NorCal. Record fires last summer, and record snow this winter. Lost tress and fencing around the property and had to shut down the office a few days without power anywhere. Hoping and praying for an un-eventful weather pattern for spring and summer with plenty of opportunity to run the Z.
  6. I’d love to see your car finished. A real work of art IMO.
  7. Lots or rain and cold weather in NorCal...... had a brief opportunity to stretch the Z’s legs. Sometimes I forget how freakishly quick this car is. It’s easy to get behind and overcook the apex on a spirited run. Looking forward to next AutoX season.
  8. Stub axles worried me the most with my LS swap. The stock half shafts held up ok for a year.... I went the full upgrade from drive shaft shop...... it was a bigger PIA than expected but I finally got the right parts from them and I’m really happy with the set up. My .02. Jim
  9. Twins! Look great Edan. Happy thanksgiving. Jim
  10. Love to see some wind tunnel data. Creative idea and work. Nice job.
  11. Talk with Edan at Silvermine motors. Great to work with and awesome product. Just saving up my nickels for the his steering kit.
  12. On the To-do list is raising the exhaust for better clearance, in tank fuel pump and electric power steering..... but I’m kind of out of steam and motivation right now. so I spent some time on my other Motorsport passion... happy thanksgiving to the HybridZ community. Jim
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