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  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here... life keeps me busy. Hybridz is hands down the best resource for Z’s, got to keep the fire burning 😎
  2. I used wiring specialties. Great service and product. Jim
  3. The Z has a new garage mate. Picked up a sweet little 66 bronco. Hope it’s as fun to build as the Z. Racing starts in July for our local AutoX. Looking forward to knocking the rust off of my driving skills.
  4. Hope to be a little more up to date with the car and racing. Going through a rough health patch with chemo and biologics. I sure enjoy this group on Hybridz and all the cool projects being built. Thanks for the kind words. Jim
  5. Beautiful Z. What size wheels and tires are you running?


    Thank you.

    1. trackzpeed


      17X9 and 9.5 -13 -19

  6. Dawn patrol. Took the old girl out for a photo shoot at first light. Racing suspended since the virus outbreak, but a drive to clear your mind is still an option.
  7. Sweet. Can’t wait to see the finished product.
  8. Daper lights are sooooo much brighter. Not a lot of racing this season for me. Poor health has kept me from doing much these days. Getting on the mend though.
  9. Been awhile.... got my dapper headlights installed and (Lord willing) have a race this coming Sunday.
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