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  1. TR112

    upgraded my SBC

    Thanks guys, it was a cracked plug, I guess I dropped it?? No misfires now.
  2. TR112

    upgraded my SBC

    I will check the plug gap, then change the plug out to see if its a fix.
  3. So roughly 275hp wasn't enough for me, so I swapped it for a 355,236 dur cam,500 lift,1.6 roller rockers,aftermarket 76cc heads ported,3 angle,matched, pistons 10.5:1 comp, victor Jr,holley 750,etc. Pulls real hard to 6800rpm, definitely - and the sound of that intake manifold, reminds me of my buddies 408 stroker ls C6 and feels like it too. I'm thinking the Toyo R888 proxies are saving my rear end so far, no wheel spin- those things hook like the best drag radial I've ran on previous cars. Of course I haven't launched it and my shifts are soft and easy, hard to do since it pulls through the 4 speeds quicker then my shifts it seems, lol. There is a drive trane vibration under acceleration in 3rd gear(100 mph plus). Question on a spark plug wire issue, I'm seeing arcing from the boot to where the plug nut sits in the head, these are new plug wires, messed up thing is the same plug was,arcing with my old wires, same cylinder. I tighter the plug, no change, inspected the wire, its fine. How is this happening? I feel a slight miss fire at part throttle while driving at low rpms. Any clue on how to stop the arcing?
  4. TR112

    saw smoke, wire getting hot

    I should have taken a pic of it. It's a white jacket(melted) where it meets a flat connector,the wires look old but but they don't look bad. By the looks of the plastic ignition cover, there are two melted impressions, side by side, but I only found one hot wire.
  5. So I have a new 100amp alternator installed and while driving tonight, I smelled electrical burn, then I saw a little smoke. It was coming from under my steering column, and the plastic ignition housing had two melted impressions in it. I unscrewed the housing and in the bundle of wires I saw the one that had melted the jacket/connector. Tested it and observed after I turned the headlights on and saw it smoke. Before I replace the connector, is there another fix I should do? Relay, big inline fuse, etc.? Something is making it hot, don't think its my alternator.
  6. I need those springs. I sent you a PM with my contact info, PayPal.
  7. Called everyone, seems there is a 4 week wait on the springs(progressive rate, 1-1.5" drop). Any alternative springs available? Not counting coilovers.? I need a 1-2" drop. There is a set of blue colored springs on mine now, not sure what they are, but its higher in the front. By the looks of the rears, there just isn't enough coil compared to the front.
  8. My car has a body kit. Just as wide as any bolt on flare. The gravel is hitting inside my wheel wells, so no harm. If the rims were wider or more neg- offset, then my paint would be getting hit.
  9. Awesome, thanks for the info. I definitely need the extra gear!
  10. So I guess the swap done on this car isn't the correct way(loosely Frazed)considering the kits available today. My guess is this swap was done 2 decades ago.
  11. It looks home brew to me, but very clean. The motor does sit far forward in the car, you can see the entire bell housing easily, and my EFans are on the front side of the radiator. I bought this car 2 weeks ago. Will get this thing back on a lift and take pics. Here is the motor- looks forward compared to other Z v8 swap pics I looked at. Pics of trans mount
  12. Brake fluid dripping out of my drum, so it must be a wheel cylinder. There are rebuild kits but I would rather replace it. I see OEM cylinders for $200+ and dorman Cylinders for 45$. The Dormans cylinders I see are listed 1975-78. Just seeing if anyone knows if there is another cylinder available for the 73 that isn't 200$+
  13. I wasn't sure if the mount I'm currently using would work or not. Thanks for the info. It sounds like I need to think of the T5 swap in terms of starting from scratch. There must be no similarity between these two transmissions to where the change to the 5 speed over the 4 speed is easier then let's say a Datsun 4 speed. That definitely changes my motivation. Makes me wish I had 2.73 axle ratio...
  14. Thanks for the info. So I guess the fact that I have 350 SBC and Muncie 4 speed already bolted up, I will still need the 89 camaro bell housing,and all of the other parts you listed as well. Too bad none of it can be mixed together.