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  1. Weather stripping? I haven't bought weather stripping yet im not to that point in the build.
  2. Im all good now, no problems just a scar.
  3. Thanks. The Bad Dogs can be used to cap the stock rails or used as replacements. My floors were good so I used them as caps. You can buy the front or rear sections individually or buy both to have front to rear bracing. I have seen many guys replace the floors and use the bad dogs as replacements. For the rear deck lid area I used the MSA patch panel and made my own panels for the taillight panel out of 16 gauge sheet metal. My tip is wear the right safety gear!
  4. Thanks that's what I figured I needed to do just wanted to make sure.
  5. Here's the deal, my project is taking long then I thought. My engine is built sitting on a stand. I keep it covered, no carb so the intake is taped up, there's fresh oil in the pan and on the rockers. What else should I be doing to not have issues when its time to fire it up? Thanks Brian
  6. Thanks Presidents for the time to install my frame rail stiffeners.
  7. Nice let me know when your down for a ride and I will be there on my Kawi!
  8. Spent some time fitting the Bad Dog rails today
  9. Hey Guys, I made some Hybrid logos for those of us doing engine swaps. So check out my online store. Thanks Datsun Swap Gear
  10. Your english is good. Actually my z has only blasted and primed no body work done yet. Im doing the metal work my self and having a shop do the finish body work and paint.
  11. <br><br><div>Got my Bad Dog framerails in today from Z Force. They got here quick guess I can start making noise again and pissing off the neighbors. </div>
  12. Just got the door guides and hinges back for my machinist friend. They came out awesome. He machined 2 different style guides. Also made new bushings and pins for all 4 hinges.
  13. Next is chassis bracing, engine mock up, strut tower bracing, Lizard skin, battery tray fabrication and etc........
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