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  1. Datsun 240z Carbon Fiber Door Panels

    Hi everyone, I've been looking into carbon fiber door panels and keep finding out dated threads and links. Is there anyone that still makes and sells carbon fiber door panels for the 240z? Any help or leads are appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Datsun 240z Rear Hatch Sill Rust Repair

    Alright I just wanted to make sure that that's what you still suggested I should do after seeing what mine looks like. Thank you very much for your help.
  3. Datsun 240z Rear Hatch Sill Rust Repair

    Here is what the rust looks like on my car. To me, it looks like the rust is pretty bad and has eaten away some of the supporting structure underneath the actual sill plate. Would it still be best to take apart my patch panel and just use parts of the structure and then spot weld the sill plate on?
  4. Datsun 240z Rear Hatch Sill Rust Repair

    I was originally thinking I could do that but most of the metal under the sill plate is also rusted on my car, that is why I decided not to buy just a sill plate. I have done some welding before and I was planning on doing some practicing before I do this also. Does anyone think I'll have any issues replacing the whole sill plate and the structure underneath it? Any information is appreciated!
  5. Hi, I am new to this forum and was just looking for some general information on some rust repair I will be doing soon. My z has some rust on the hatch sill plate and I bought a new panel that was cut out from a parts car. The piece I bought is the sill and the latch mechanism. The piece has the about 6 inches of the tail light panel attached underneath it also. I have also attached a picture of the piece I bought for reference. I was just looking for any advice on replacing this part. I was planning on just cutting out the part on my car and welding in the new one but I have never done this before so I'm just looking for anyone who has done something like this. Thanks in advance! -Ethan