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  1. Found the picture..... of the inside.
  2. Thanks you for your advice, We leveled the car before i braced it. I now have to go back and do all the measurements (my stupidity). I may be removing everything i have already done.....i pray i am within spec. I followed your bracing pattern as well.... and did similar to your design (Plates on outside using door hinge and inside). My biggest concern is when you did the floors and one frame rail at a time, you cut the front rail away from the firewall.... does this cause any twisting? I don't think it matters if your doing one rail at a time, then leveling the car to do the front rails, should bring everything back to where it needs to be? I also cross braced the rear strut tower to strut tower. Not show here. And went from outside door bar to center console for extra rigidity.
  3. I was at Sema as well. Such an amazing event. This was my very first time as well. I missed Kyles car as they moved it for the final judging. Tyler Powel Z06 was awesome to see, really great guy. I also spoke with Chris from B is for build.... awesome dude as well. I have been following your thread and you have made some amazing progress. Question for you, I am following the same process you are and making a whole new frame for my 240Z hellcat swap. The way you installed the frame rails under the car (NOT THE ENGINE) i noticed you cut the floors out and braced the car. I will be doing the same (already braced). Did you have any flex at all and is your car squared up properly? Any words of wisdom or advice before i start cutting this weekend. I started my own thread showing the progress. Thanks so much Jeff
  4. This is what I did to the inside of the body so far . Bracing the engine bay tonight. Want to install custom oil pan as well before I pull the motor one last time before all my metal work!!!
  5. This is the latest video, we make mock up motor mounts to check our clearances. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GR05Je02rUY
  6. Ahhhh, thank you Jeff. This was my exact plan. I have been looking at your build and many others. I am actually starting on it this week. My first thing is to brace the engine bay and the inside of the car so i have no movement. I was going to put it back on the rotisserie, start with new floor pans and rails. I will then take it off the rotisserie to level the car and start on the front rails. I have been trying to find pictures on bracing the whole car before I start... Engine bay i om ok with...just need to figure out how to brace the interior properly. Jeff
  7. I am using the complete unibody. I will be removing the frame rails from the front and carrying a full frame from front to back. I will also be tying in the cage for extra strength. Chris's car was pretty awesome. had the pleasure of spending some time chatting with him in Vegas. Jeff
  8. When I get back from my first ever trip to Sema. Motor will be removed and the car will be getting all braced up. I have ordered new floor pans from Charlie at Zedd findings. I will also be building a full chassis. I have not come up with my exact thickness or widths (need to measure that out)....but plan on using 1x2.5 or 3" under the chassis and something super close in size to the existing engine frame rails. We will be tying it all in with a full cage. Need as much strength as possible for this twist monster motor. LOL