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  1. This is a video NOT too miss. Apex Engineered 8.8 IRS double wishbone cantilever suspension
  2. I have been powder coating all my parts as well for my project. I am blessed to have a good friend who does all my powder and sandblasting. I just finished the headlight assemblies and retro fitted dapper LED7 lights and also finished the wiper assembly. I took everything apart right to nothing. Reason i did this was that sometime powder coating can seize things up or make them bind and not work correctly. So my question to you is. The hood hinges at the front of the car that you powder coated, does it move freely and not bind up? This will determine if i will powder coat it or not
  3. Appreciate the input.... glad people are watching..... One thing you did not see in the video is that i had the seats mounted way to many times to count to make sure all the bars were set correctly. The distance is perfect for me with a wheel. I am 5 11" When we created the rear bars..... we looked into the NHRA specs. It states that the rear bar is allowed to have a bend.... but that bar can not be attached to a TUB. but the floor. So i am going to have a cage specialist come and check it all out and give me some better direction on those bars. They are tacked in and
  4. This episode is a fun one.... we install my Bride seats
  5. Cage plates are done..... Next is a installing all the chromoly.
  6. Finally starting on the cage. Hope you guys enjoy.
  7. Looking awesome, I am building a street car..... almost ready to level the car out to start the front frames. Still want to finish the drivers dog leg this week, should be done tonight. You sound like your having back problems like me..... I am working through the pain. was doing therapy 3 times a week. Took 5 weeks off. Jeff
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