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  1. This is exactly why I'm wondering if I can even register a swapped car bought out of state.
  2. Hello everyone. About a year ago I moved to SoCal and have been brainstorming ways on how I can get my LS swapped FD RX7 out here from the east coast and seems like there's not much I can do if I want to drive it on the street, so I've come up with an idea of getting a pre-75 car, so I don't have to worry about stupid smog laws. Therefore I'm currently in the market for an LS/2JZ swapped S30. I also made an interesting observation. In the last year I bought 3 cars off private parties. 2 of them from Cali and the 3rd from AZ. What I noticed is that I didn't have to have a CHP officer look at my Cali cars, but they did look at the car I bought from AZ and they asked me to pop my hood as well. Which leads me to this question: If I buy a swapped Z out of state will I even be able to register it because of the swap?
  3. FS: '77 280Z w/ 2JZGE/R154 $7,999 OBO (New Video & Pics)

  4. FS: '77 280Z w/ 2JZGE/R154 $7,999 OBO (New Video & Pics)

    I'd be all over this if it was 75 or older