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  1. Probably about 50 "interested parties," a lot of fall throughs or no shows. Lots of odd trade offers.
  2. You are pretty blatantly bypassing forum rules. Please remedy or post may be removed.
  3. This is a bit of a necro, but it is an interesting point. I always thought the ring gear was one of the stronger pieces in the rear drive line. With a 60 ft less than 1.6 I imagine some kind of slicks or drag radial? The 280z stubs are noticeably stronger/thicker/more splined than the 240z ones, but I didn't think they would shift the weak point. Perhaps since most cars in the junkyard I have seen have fairly high milage and I doubt any service of the rear end, perhaps they were all primed for failure, but the fact not 1 was found that was decent seems highly unlikely to support that thought.
  4. Welcome to the forums, Looks like you posted in the FAQ section, this section does not allow for responses, so please take a moment to make sure you are posting in the correct section if you would like to see a response. Take a moment to peruse the rules, read up on some of the announcements and I hope you enjoy your stay! The link you mentioned for others to find
  5. We talk about the setups in there. My thoughts on it, take from it what you will.
  6. They might be kind of close to the inner perch, but with a spacer they would work.
  7. I'll say I still have much to learn, but adding the pedal has made it much less binary and added a depth to it that is interesting. Still terrible with aluminum. Those projects look real great!
  8. Hello, It seems like you have posted in the FAQ section, that does not allow responses. Please take a moment to look at which section before posting for better assistance. I'm not sure real watanabe's go that big. Also those numbers would put you pretty much in your strut if I'm not mistaken.
  9. Goodness gracious, please time that and tell us how long that takes!
  10. Either a mercedes V12 or the motorcycle V8 would also be some interesting engines. I hadn't thought of other cars, my interests very so much though. I'm curious about the higher hp mitsubishi evo's, and swapped FD's has always been appealing, I'd love to try one of the R35 GTR's or a modernish tuned porsche at some point. A GTR with a 2JZ I think would be somewhat entertaining, as would be a supra with an RB26, just to watch the world burn.
  11. seattlejester

    Welded Dash

    I have the print files somewhere to make the gauge pod adapter to mount the tablet right behind the wheel. You could also just run a bent sheet of metal folded at about a 90* and make brackets to the mounting points, unless you need the core to mount the radio, fans, etc.
  12. Hood, hatch, fenders, are not a big deal overall. The rear skirt you can find a patch panel. The rear quarters and dog legs can be a tricky repair. You have a solid 2-3k in parts alone. Unless you can find a shell in better condition for less than 2k I think you are in a good spot. Just find a good metal guy. With that said, that really is quite a bit of rust. Going to be pricey unless you can do it yourself or with friends.
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