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  1. seattlejester

    S30 RB25DET T4 Twin Scroll Turbo Manifold Design

    Curious, do you pictures from the other side? I wonder how well they smoothed the diversion point for the waste gates.
  2. seattlejester

    seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    Another problem that came up during the autocross was fuel starvation. Part of me thought it was because it was autocross and I was running the fuel cell fairly low. It did seem to get better when I filled up the next day. Then I went on a local drive. A little over half way through the car started bogging and surging pretty badly running pretty lean even at low load. I could hear the pump cavitating. I filled up again and it seemed to go away after I let the car sit, and only returned after 30 minutes. Sent off the fuel pump for warranty in case it was going bad and started assembling a new fuel system. When it returned I threw it back on for a photo shoot only to find the fuel flow from the hose was less then the fuel flow from the fuel cell. I took off the inline filter to find it was about 1/2 blocked. Even after a bit of cleaning it still had fine debris. I think this stemmed from when I drained the fuel into a plastic fuel jug and when I poured it back in the little plastic bits from manufacturing also went into the cell. So the car would run ok until enough of the fuel passed through the filter to bring the debris into clogging the filter. After sitting the debris would basically backwash into the cell. Good thing is the filter did its job, and being reusable is a wash away from being clean. However I had already started down the road of replacing the cell with a tank. Thanks to posts by Joe and a lot of feedback from Omar I decided to go with a camaro tank. That was a whole ordeal in and of it self to acquire and prepare it. We tigged this frame together, only to find it was too long and wouldn't sit on the mounts I had from the fuel cell. So it was modified to allow it to slide in at an angle. A wee bit of undercoat to keep it from instantly rusting. If desired, the tank could be dropped with the straps, and then the subframe could be removed if needed. Much more discrete then the fuel cell that used to be there. The GM sender is also a different ohm range than normal and really difficult to design. I did find a gauge online that worked, but it kind of ruins the current scheme I have going on. Might have to slowly convert everything else around it now, but the gauge has the startup dance, a really nice back lit LED and when you get low on fuel the gauge buzzes and the logo at the bottom turns orange. Not bad for $40 or so.
  3. Tamo, you posted in the FAQ section! I've gone ahead and moved it for you. Are you saying you keep getting bubbles? Bleeding can take quite a while depending on your booster size and how many turns you have in the system. Either the standard pedal method or the pressure bleeder on the master seems to work the best in our cars. I usually go through about a 1/4 of a bottle per caliper if I replaced a line.
  4. seattlejester

    Luxury Daily restomod 280z Questions, Help?!

    I mean it seems like you want to do exactly what the B is for Build guy did. His swap would be considered a donor swap, swapping everything over from a donor. A shell swap or body on chassis swap, which is more of an older term as we are dealing with mostly unibodies, has to do more along the lines of dropping the body/panels on the floor/chassis of a donor. Might be good to look at terms to figure out what you really want. There was a 240sx kit that grafter the front end of a 240z/280z onto it if aesthetics is more or less your goal. Otherwise it is a matter of finding an engine and interior that you like and figuring out how to make it all fit. There isn't really anything about this that is going to be easy or require a minimal amount of fabrication work. Some swaps have been done so they may be easier or kits may be available, but they usually revolve around loosing things such as power steering and a/c. I would look at the how much it cost video he did to have an idea of the cost you will be looking at, if I recall it was almost 50k all said and done.
  5. seattlejester

    Electric Power Steering Information Compiled

    ^That is what I imagined. The only time it would really be useful is at tremendously low speeds, and even at that speed a little bit of assist would be a world of difference. Ben had a setup in his car that seemed even simpler and easier to make. If you don't need collapsible features i.e. track car, you can just use most of the saturn stuff and use a steering wheel adapter to get a sportier wheel. That is what my second setup is destined for more or less. Cutting and welding the stock datsun lower steering shaft to the saturn unit and using the saturn unit for pretty much everything else and either going to a sparco style quick release hub or something of that nature and using a rod end to keep it in alignment.
  6. seattlejester

    Electric Power Steering Information Compiled

    Been doing some research into this. Found some interesting info. The "inferior motor setup" seems to indeed be employed by silvermine. If you look up the EZsteer setup you can see that is what is integrated in their unit. I want to say ZPS uses a european make power steering setup, off of a puegot or something, the control box and such look quite similar to the unit on mine, maybe the same manufacturer. Yes a power steering unit designed for an ATV is inferior to one designed to assist with a car, but.....you really don't need all that much assist in a Z. Mine is built, pretty much ready to install with the creation of a single bracket, and in all honesty I haven't even remembered other than when I am parking that I don't have it. So, whether the unit being inferior being a deal breaker is really is a bit of a toss up. As a poor analogy, is a hand grenade inferior to a nuke? Yes, but if you are sitting in a small room with either one armed you are still going to be similarly concerned. Price wise the silvermine unit makes financial sense, it is in the realm of understandable from my experience. I spent $300 on parts, time for labor, wiring, fabrication, welding, and top it off with a new motor I can see it costing what they are asking for. Looks like the EZ steer kits start at $600 so that there is a pretty big chunk of the cost already. I didn't realize, but this is the first time I have seen pictures of the ZPS setup. My recollection was it was kept under wraps for a while? It looks really quite similar to the setup socorob ended up with and that I copied from him. Given that I would say the ZPS system seems to be on the high end for its construction. They cut out a lot of the fabrication we did by using a pillowball joint (I actually had the same thought, but wasn't sure how much support was needed and two larger bearings spaced apart is quite a bit more in the real of support and alignment), and what looks to be a machined piece for the adaption to the stock Z column. The control unit even looks exactly like the bruno controller. I have about $300 in parts invested in my setup, I can understand with some new parts it may be higher, but I'm not finding the $1200 differential there. Maybe if you included the price of the column that has to be sacrificed, but they are only asking $50 for the core charge. Greg is pretty active maybe he can chime in. I guess it depends on what you are looking for. I couldn't bring myself to justify even the more affordable silvermine option and I enjoy making things so the fabrication route was really the choice for me. Whether the "inferior" setup found in the silvermine unit will matter is unknown.
  7. seattlejester

    Rubber Plugs

    I'd just replace it and cover it. My car was in active service for 30 odd years and the plugs were still alright. 30 years down the line you can cut out a patch from the mat and replace and recover. If you are going to close them, I'd suggest more permanence then fiber glass. Weld a patch and seam seal it. That will also tell you the health of the surrounding metal which if it is constantly wet might be worse off then you realize.
  8. Hmm I looked over my settings I have 2 strokes per cycle Simultaneous injection On Chickenman's recommendation I am running much less required fuel and gaining resolution on the fuel map so mine is 3.8 with 440cc injectors values go from 37-217 Your ignition and fuel maps have values on the y axis that are quite high, you won't exceed much above 100 fuel load without boost so you could gain some resolution there. Your ignition table looks almost inverted from mine, but that may just be a setting I realize I can't help you on the ignition or injector parameters as I am running 440cc supra injectors and COP with a HE sensor.
  9. Not sure on the numbers side, but it may be a matter of the dyno calibration, the numbers will differ so maybe not a good metric for me to fixate on. I think it is the bosch sensor that is the failure point in the innovate kit, the gauge really does not matter much as it just converts the value from the sensor, but if the dyno one was reading correctly maybe not as much of a concern. There is quite a bit of difference, the other tune has some strange values, and the ignition table almost seems like it is set for VVTI. I'll try real hard to remember to look at the files and compare when I get home.
  10. All the data points would be useful. Wideband make? Innovate is popular, but when they start to fail they can read off by as much as 1-2 points which would mess drastically with your tune. AEM seems less likely to fail in this manner. It is confounding as most dyno places run their own AFR sensor to eliminate this situation. Stock injectors? Does the JDM market use a different size? From what I see online the values kind of jump around as what is quoted, I'd have to look at the FSM to see if they list it, but if you are running a map based off of the USDM size and have the JDM injectors (for the 2jzgte, the JDM one is 440cc, the USDM is 550cc if memory serves), you would have problems. Make sure they are similar between markets before you adjust all your injector settings. If the tuner adjusted the timing map, did he find the timing offset on the crank? I had a strange case where I think the distributor was just at the limit of the adjustment so when you asked the ECU to adjust with RPM it would fall off the spark window and fail to fire the spark, made the car drive really poorly with heavy hesitation above low RPM. That kind of information can be useful for those reasons and others. The numbers actually seem pretty normal. I've seen less, although I'm only familiar with USDM motors for the most part. If it has 0 correction factor on a dynojet, that seems like really good numbers, 15-25 more would be really on the high end I have seen for NA, I want to say I saw a ITB ge motor make like 220 to the wheels with cams and all sorts of other goodies.
  11. seattlejester

    Rubber Plugs

    If memory serves, they were made to drain the excess paint/coating as cars back then were dipped in vats of paint? I suppose you could, but really water shouldn't be coming up through them unless they are torn or rotten. I would check door seals and the hatch seal and make sure the rain channels aren't blocked.
  12. Welcome to the forums. Given your lack of history some background posts basic information might be useful, like all the components in regards to the engine, such as 02 sensor, etc. I'd be curious to see the dyno chart, are you basing the missing power off of feel or numbers online? A stock 2jzge really doesn't put out much power and the feel is quite muted in the heavier chassis. I would offer some help, but my setup is turbo and low compression so most likely not that applicable. I'll take a look when I get home though. The dyno chart may be nice to see. Hesitation is most likely related to acceleration enrichment settings so those can be taken a look at as well. While there are a few of us running megasquirt, you may find more assistance at the megasquirt forums. If not we do pretty much have a resident tuner who you may be able to help you get a little bit more squared away @Chickenman
  13. seattlejester

    Hello from overseas

    Welcome to the forums! Both guys are on this forum, so you should be able to get a hold of them on their corresponding handles. I think CX has an option although the quality and fitment are variable from what I have read.
  14. seattlejester

    Carbon fiber side marker lamp lens aero replacements!

    That is clever, might have to try playing around with that idea!
  15. ^ You would have to shorten the splined shaft then correct? I guess you could just add a spacer between the bushing stop for the dash mount.