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  1. Hi everybody! Thanks a lot for yor feed-back. I’ve got some news and that’s why I’m here again. Last Tuesday I went to Mr.vitorino shop and started do dismantle the Z…honestly I thought it was a dificult task, but it wasn’t…well, only in some little details. The ca ris in excellent shape as photos will show…I guess this car was restored or deep painted some years ago. Next week We’ll have at least one door rebuilt, below the doors and inside need some intervention. Here are some photos… Rear window acquisition…the car has the horizontal defrost lines and aren’t the correct…I found one vertical and job done…a few years ago I bought one in the USA and came broken…never bought or find anoter one..they are getting rare this days!!! The beggining… Door parts ready for the treatment…Nickel plating Rear floor…not bad!!! I got scared, but fortunately the brown zone is glue…no rust… Door ready for Mr.Vitorino! Original floor carpet…but has to be removed!!! Rear luggage accomodation in excelente shape And now the surprise…the original blue…It can only be seen on some detailed parts..this is one! Replacemente tyre floor…not bad…no rust… The seats will be rédone, but I will only take care of the parts that are completely off… No plastic cover…but I have 2 here…offered by a mate!!! Passenger side floor…the usual…46 years and some bad treatment…the reason…the jack tool…but Mr.vitorino said that’s a part to be redone… Drivers side floor…the usual again…but this one has no concerns…ist’s 75% good…a little intevention. By the end we will apply some Soundproofing board to avoid rust and noise. My helper keeping all the bolts in place! Under the plate no surprises!!!! Datsun logo temporarily off… In my opinion this s the exact moment to restore the car…it has some details that need intervention, and now that he has no rust holes and unrestorable parts the process will be much easier. Andreas - The last time I saw an entire set being sold abroad the price was pornographic...8000€. All portuguese Z had them and actually our z's abre being sold for France, Belgium, finland and from the 139 sold here between 1970 and 73 no more than 35 Z's remain...We are having a great lost on Z's...unfortunately...But I see a set I'l tell you. Hope you like it…next week some more news!!! Regards Mário
  2. Hi! Thanks for the answers. theczechone - Yes, they are the Kobe Seiko wheels from the 432Z. All portuguese Z had them, but some owners decided to change, luckily the previous owner didn't do that. Some minor rust...let's see if we don't have any surprises! Andreas - Thanks. The wheels are extremely rare and I'll keep them...I'm thinking buying the watanabe 8 spoke for dailydrive and this ones only for meetings and so on.
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  4. Hi, "Here I go again" like the Whitesnake song says...but this time with a 71 240Z. Some of you remember me for the LB110 restoration in Mr.Vitorino shop here in Portugal, well, he had a dicease and return to work a month ago the reason for this restoration project is starting now. I will put some pictures and insert some comments. The Z, it's a beautiful lady but the previous owner ruined it if we talk about what's original according the year and what's not. This will be a difficult task but I'm prepared for the challenge. My Z is a 71 and it's like a 73... Yesterday I left the Z with Mr.vitorino and next week the resto will begin. We've inspected the car and found the usual rust on the model, it's not bad and has excellent mechanic, good for me...Let's see how far I can go returning this Z. Hope you enjoy the topic. Now the first pictures... Regards, Mário Z in Mr.Vitorino shop, last photo before the work... The last run... We were making some marks in the panel that should be covered. Perhaps relays and some stuff...lot's of holes... [img(1000px,749px)]https://s3.postimg.org/vi8fyrd9f/IMG_20170731_154521.jpg[/img] Mr.Vitorino leading the operation... The rubbers are completely wasted, I will put new ones. The scutcheons will return to it and the same will happen to the center bumper. All the 73 details will disappear... The spolier and rear is in the wrong colour, I guess it's charcoal... Some rust, not really important... On this side of the car I was expecting more rust..,but seems fine for now!!! I will change the colour to the original one too, charcoal, the same as the rear and rear spoiler Soon I'll have more pictures...