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  1. Hi again! The car runs and drives very good…but I’m moving it to another shop for the past details. The tunings will not be deep, but will consist in verifying the electrical system with the addition of new connectors, recovering a corner on the dash, applying the centre console, tuning the front bumpers and correcting the leather parts on the back! The wheels will be recovered into the original charcoal colour! These works will make the car looks better and will make me rest fine…I’m tired of waiting… Let’s go to the works: Interior glass trim. Hood latch Almos tone hour to aplly the mirror… Gearbox insulator applied… New interiors…worked very good!!! Some details… The plate gate arrived and was apllied. I state the fuel rail wasn’t the correct for the 71 generation…so, I applied a correct one! Some more details… Here is the result befere went home! Filling up the tank…so great… At home…near the 510 SSS Hope you liked it…let’s wait 15 days to get it completely done!!! Regards Mário
  2. Hi everybody! Here I am on the Easter holyday…I’m tired fo working on the car…but is almost done. I hope the car will be ready soon! At least It is working, it brakes and I’ve tried it…almost 2 years since the beginning of the resto. At this moment there are only small details to finish like the interior, centre console and many many more other parts…some are on its way! Aside a broken windshield, a broken door during the assembling, it’s time to relax and make everything carefully…this is such a puzzle!!! The rubbers got installed and the windshield and hatch were fitted…I had to buy original rubbers…the ones from precision brand weren’t as good as they said! On the rear hatch it misses for 2cm each side, and on the front the gap was huge on the upper right. Tuning the hood was easy…but damn…the door latch is tricky as hell!!! It didn’t close until I discover that the inside handle and its main cable has some adjustment. I was desperate to lock the door, the driver’s side only…I hope now all works for life,,,ahahaha… Let’s wait for the end of the resto…meanwhile… This was the starting point 1 month ago, last time I worked on it Centre console Changing shop… The day was very cloudy and even the car is outside, the colour doesn’t shine as it should be… L24 on the way… Easy…right… Then we assemble the differential, fluids, bolts and substitute all the rubbers. Final result…but the starter will be replaced…this one is stopping once in a while… The electric system…now getting back to 71…I think the car is very happy…agagagag The seat belts… The vent ducts were missing when I bought the car…now they are part of the car again. These rubber caps were made by my father….they are better than the original… The splash is awesome…a great detail… The windshields…. On the front… Hatch… People that collaborated during the process… Windshield wipers are now working…awesome… Top cowl grill got installed too… The side lids… Final results… Tuning the hood with new stoppers.. Hood tuning…what a hard task!!! Final result… The car is almost ready…I bet tomorrow will be just missing the interior…for sure I’ll be driving it… Hope you enjoy these last works on the car… Cumps. Mário
  3. Hi folks, Here are some up-grades on the Z. I’m getting tired…the Z has so many detailZ…and I need to ride the car…I know when the resto will be concluded the effort will be forgotten but until then… On the past 2 weeks we have done some body work and assemble mostly structures on doors, bumpers and small details. We had an issue with the front windshield, perhaps I’ve to look for a new one, and on the rear hatch glass in order to avoid problems, I bought a new rubber from Nissan. The tunning on panels is very hard to do, on my B110 was simple and easy, but not this one…even the locks aren’t closing totally, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…well…all will be solved…I think!!! Tomorrow the engine and gear box will be mounted and hope that on Saturday will be running…let’s see. To finish some trouble, the electric system has to be redone too… Let’s see the upgrades… Assembling the bumpers… Side rubbers. Schuteons and rubbers. Ready to fit… On the car. Before we had put in place the front lip. Now the right door…. New handles… Locks and handles… Before we placed the window some care was took no the top of the doors… Almos… And completed with trims…is missing the interior. Maybe next weekend! New Datsun symbols on the guards. The brakes system had to be revisioned. I stared with the bracket and rubber. My car didn’t have the bracket for the valve, now it’s complete again! New parts… Ready to use! We decided to try the center console because tomorrow will receive the engine. There is a little issue, I guess easy to solve, my Z had the 3rd series center console, but it wasn’t correct, and when I tried this one, the series ½ the bolts miss the bracket for 4 cm’s. Is the center console small? Something isn’t right for sure, but I’ll try to check what’s going wrong. Have you changed the center console? What differences can we find on mounting the screws? I love this “downgrade” to the original… Here it is… Almost… Now is going to sleep until receive her “heart” again… Hope you enjoy it. Regards Mário
  4. Hi again! Another great weekend!! The Z is getting shape!!! And all the weekend was dedicated to it! Now it looks like a Z…I’m very happy with all the results! But it’s a hard car to work!!!Too many bolts and tunning around the parts! I started with the lower and center valances, then the headlights and finally the surroundings.~ On the lights, my car is from 2/71 and had the 3rd series front, now I’m restoring it to the original shape. Now I placed the original Toshiba headlights and get rid of the wires excess, even the lamps!!! After a deep cleaning all went simple and clear! I’m waiting for the test… About the grill, I’ll keep the original one, but I don’t know if I will put the 432 instead! But only for the aesthetic reason! Let’s see the photos…. The sill plates were on the shop and I decides to install them! These ones are original, second hand, because the new ones from Nissan are just aluminium made, and these ones are covered with vinil with the same pattern as the seats and interior plastic covers! The headlghts…before… https://i.postimg.cc/FsYycdPv/IMG-20190209-120041.jpg] In the end…. Valances… Installed… The grill… Installed…. The headlights...and the gift… Then work and pacience…ehehehehhe In the end, only the right side of the car needs a hand…only tunning, but it’s a work for Mr.Vitorino…not me!!! Hope you are enjoying so far!!! Regards, Mário Andreas - Thanks a lot! Let's see if I'm able to finish it in March...I need the car desperately...ehehehe
  5. Hi everybody! Today I bring fresh news!!! During the last weekends we were working on the car…but some minor bad luck happened…we didn’t progress as we like!!! But bolt by bolt we are assembling the BIG puzzle!!! At this moment there is a willfull rubber, the one from the hatch glass…it will go directly to the litter! I bought an original in japan and I’m waiting for it! Then the doors…we didn’t finish the driver’s door because the inside locker is broken and we were unable to tune the door properly. I’m getting bored with all these tasks…only adjustments and tunning and…and…and… too much time spent on each part!!! The only goal that is keeping me excited is getting her to it’s original condition…and it’s almost done! Let’s see the photos!!! Plated and zinc parts… The fuel filter stand is originaly painted black, but I’ll leave it zinc…it’s cleanerto the engine bay…I think! New horns…before there were the giant vintage bosh… New heater grommets… Installing the door. New key lockers, new door handles, glass elevators and the main lock. This last one borke down. I suspected before the resto, that it didn’t opened the door properly! New hood handle...the previous one wasn’t original and didn’t match S30! New rubbers for hood handle and km mark. Cleaning and installing the side markers. Installed..they fit very well! And left side almost ready… Rear bumper installation! What an enormous task!!! 3 hours until the end!!! Too much parts, rubbers, guards, bolts, tune and so on…luckily everything is original and fitted well!!! All the new parts… The result before it goes to the car! Before the installation we cover the sides with sphincter to avoid some scratches! Annoying car said Mr.Vitorino... Almost!!! And here is the result!!! Seat in it’s place… With a Zelfie I finish this report… Hope you enjoyed all the results…next week some more news…I believe!!! Regards Mário
  6. Hello my friends, Some more parts intalled during this week! I wish I could finish it before the end of February…let’s see if it’s possible! Right now the issue is to assemble the engine and clean/paint the members under the car. The next task is prepare the car to receive the engine and ear box…I’ll take the hood and fenders again. Let’s see the photos… Relay…I don’t know where to install it… New rubber a cleaning… Installed… The resistanse installed too Water bottle and the famous piece… Installed… Painted in it’s correct colour… installed Seats covers…it’s excellent…love the final result. First seat mounted… A picture of me seated on the new seat inside the car… New symbols… Belt hooks… Brake pump got cleaned and polished,,, Final result.. Getting ready on the engine bay Then…Datsun 1200 take me home….eheheheh Hope you enoy this good news!!! Regards Mário
  7. Hi friends, Here I come again to show some updates ... because I'm on vacation Z is growing with another rhythm, but still go slow ... Mr. Victory is enjoying holidays ... In the last 3 days I have cleaned more pieces than in a year of restoration !!! bolts, nuts, washers ... clean, polish, paint ... the luck is that as I was the one who disassembled the car and got everything labeled... in the midst of my disorganization is not going badly...so far… At the moment I am waiting for the pieces of the galvanized process, they must arrive on Wednesday and unexpectedly I have to buy some pieces, I am missing two details that possibly the car no longer had, the central plate of the license plate and two black aluminium scuff plates that are in the inside the car. Possibly they were removed by the previous owner. The mechanics should come in January and until then we will build what we can !!! Let's go to the photos: After a cleaning and a polishing were very good! After it was applied with new screws and new rubbers, the old pieces were miserable. In this photo we can see the missing part ... Let’s see if I can find one quickly! I also installed the windscreen wiper motor. Tough task, I never thought it would take that long. I was afraid to scratch the car ... eheheeh The door locks were painted in the old car colour, I still thought of having zinc, but chrome is funnier and the result is very curious ... I like it !!! Here already applied ... The Z hook was in need of a good turn ... They were like this ... Here applied on place... I opened two new parts ... the tailgate supports ... And along with new and original screw and washers ... here we have them in place. Rubber from the doors already in the place ... Cleaning the clutch pump, and polishing. I'm new to this, but it turned out well !!! Here it is already on the place... I started by putting some pieces inside ... the "dogleg" already there! There are a few details missing ... especially stretching the vinyl ... let’s see if I can do it myself !!! I put the first symbols ... I had to take out the spoiler, but the result was very good! Here is the original color ... it was black ... but it should turn to grey ... I've been cleaning it for more than 30 minutes ... during the day I was just treating some pieces and going to the car on the next visit .. maybe Sunday.. I hope you continue to like the result, I would like to finish it before the end of January ... but it will be very hard. Regards Mário Thanks Andreas. I'm doing some extra works now...let's see the finishing result!
  8. Hi! Today I’ll show some up-grades on details and new parts I got installed. Next week I’ll be on Christmas holidays and then the assembling continue with another rhythm. We have some interior parts, and the rear windows…what a trouble…ahahaha….rubbers and more rubbers…I’m exhausted…ehehehe Let’s move on… New parts on the rear…Mr.Vitorino changing the washers to the new parts. Then we move into the gas cap…not finished yet…need the cover plated…will arrive soon. The vin plate… Now the interiors…they are the original ones. I decide to use them because they are part of the car and Loved the result… The kick panels got installed too. Mr.Vitorino just polished them…what a result!!! Mr.Vitorino working! The antenna…nice to see it again on the car… The center console got the texture too and the result was great! To finish the day we decided to chenge all the rubbers from the rear quarter glasses…what a hassle…it’s a difficult task!!! Never thought it!!! Extreme detail on the system and then on the application…Mr.Vitorino was tired…but the result was good… By the end… A friend got the seats today…awesome work!!! Next time I’ll put some detailed pictures!!! Ready to Zleep… Mr.Vitorino and Mr.Vaqueiro the upholsterer. Hope you enjoyed so far… Regards Mário
  9. Hi, I'm back with fresh news! Here is the car after the painting job!!! It looks awesome!!! I'm very happy with the results!!! The colour is the original...I´m waiting for the final result!!! The comparison... Regards Mário
  10. Hi again! On the last 3 weeks we have finished the Z…it’s so nice to see the car ready to paint…there are some minor details to solve, but not metal work, only disassemble some parts. These weeks were hard…every time we thought the car was done another hole and rust appeared, so we decided to clean the metal until the last bit of paint…I’m talking about the floor…damn…completely rusty….now is new… The engine is in the rebuilding process and I haven’t got pictures…maybe next week… Meanwhile is just waiting for the paintig day. Windows, fuel lines and brake lines will be removed within 15 days! Hope you enjoy the progresso….let’s see the photos! Floor…no words… Final result…so nice!!! Behind the seats… Front floor and the battery frame…the battery flame will be fixed tomorrow…but it seems long time ago someone made a repair on it! Someone open a hole…crazy maniascs…so…let’s cover it… Gone… The mudflaps holes were covered too…they will no longer be used… The back of the car was in bad shape too…minor dents…but needed some repair!!! No holes….yeah!!!! Now some photos… The oil pan is in great shape, just needs to be painted grey…the colour is not bad…. Mr.Vitorino focused… No doubts…903 blue… Warriors relax… Now we will wait 15 days…and deliver it for painting… Hope you still enjoying it!! Regards Mário
  11. Andreas - Thanks a lot. Mr.Vitorino is getting better, but the desease he suffered was hard along with the family issues...but let's think positively...and if the car gets finished before August, I will make a surprise for him...really will!!! Regards Mário
  12. Hi everybody! It seems all imagens were lost…It might be a problem on postimage…really don’t know…I’ll start from last works on car. It’s been raining hard these days in Portugal, and the cold didn’t allowed Mr.Vitorino to work on the car because of his desease…but we are back… The news…the car will be to the paint shop within 2 weeks…and next week will be finished for shure! It’s just take out the windshields, brake pump and clutch pump, fuel tank and all the tubes!!! But now the work on the car… New floor…just one side was needed…an not all… Preparint to cut… It was ruined… New one… Finishing it… The ledt side just needed some labour on the back, because the front was already done! The original colour…very cool!!! All the front finished Before, but with some treatment by the time… And ready…. There was missing a part here,,,Mr.Vitorino made a new one! Things to do… And we all star the mechanical part…new parts arrive… Meanwhile they arrive and put in place… Cleaning parts… I need a new fuel pump…but i think Ican get one new…I haven’t search for it! Electric system waint to be revised,,, MR.Vitorino completely exhaust… See you nest week…Z Hope you enjoyed it…next week I’ll put some more upgrades! Regards Mário
  13. Hi everybody, After one month break, the works have returned. Today we have been dismantling the sidewings, grill, lights, bumpers and soo n. All went well, but srews are evil…I hate them a lot…some broke and were in hard position to took. Until now I was on the Z book searching just for the srews. I want them new!!!1 I thought the Z was na easy car do disassemble, but it isn’t!!! Too many tricks. This week the works go to the sides of the car as you’ll see on the pictures! Hope you still like them! A ViZit…eheheh Hood, bumper and grill…no difficulties… The grill Then surprises… The original paint showed up again… The super horns…I don’t even know what model they belog…not Datsun for shure! And it looked like this… Side wings and lights..major problems with the screws…horrible!!! All went rust and some broke!!! The surprise… What a big hole… The battery corner is rusty too… All stripped… Right side in good shape…needs a cleaning…but srews are evil…more than an hour… Superficial rust…some luck here!!! Down the door is possible the worst part of the right side. Some appointments to do…nothing special! We took the car to the lifter to check all the issues we discovered…well…need deep metal work on the left side! Left side… Right side… ~ These wings just need cleaning work! And this last photo for today…bolts with story…46 precisely…but very stubborns Hope you enjoyed the work so far… Andreas: Just now Mr.Vitorino recover from a family issue, the reason fot the resto to stop. It was supposed to get the car ready in January. But now will move on. Today we made great advances...let's see next week! We need to take out engine fot Mr.Vitorino to work. Regards Mário
  14. Hi folks, I’ve got some more news! Yesterday I’ve been in Mr.Vitorino garage, and I found my Z with another 2 parts finished. The cowl rill and the rear. This means that soon he will be repairing the floors and front, I believe in one month for the metal work and then painting. Soon I’ll take out the engine and gear-box to make the treatment and finish the metal work. I’ve already started to separate some parts for the chrome and some to recover at home. The cowl grill had to be redone in the extremities but now the part is new. And the rear was our big problem!!! The rear lights have never been removed and all the bolts were in bad shape, some we had to waste because were corroded. Let’s see the photos for you to see all the advances! This was redone because of the rust on the rear. The worst part was above the lights. This part was severe…but now rédone! The cowl grill is redone now… And again the original blue in two separated parts of the car. My Homework… Hope you have enjoyed the photos and the work until now! Next week more news! Andreas: Thanks a lot! I'm at one step for the painting job! Regards Mário
  15. Hi again! Here I am with some fresh news and photos. The metal work is on a great speed and this week the doors were finished. This week I think the rear and cowl grill will be finished too. The doors gave us some trouble and we had to send them to sandblast to clean the metal, not the panel, but the interior. By the end a new panel was used. The drivers door was in bad shape, worst than the passenger side. On Saturday we remove the symbols, rear spoiler and rear lights. Only the bumper remain. I hope the rear and front are better than the doors… Let’s see the photos! Doors and interior separated… Doors ready. The green painting is a spray to protect the metal for the rust. Mr.Vitorino looking for some rust…ahahahah This was a corner of one door…tons of rust… Under the cowl grill the scenery is good. I was a little bit worried about it…true..but Mr.Vitorino said that’s ok…the surprise is next… Under the grill… The grill had to high pointson both sides, like a screw, but…it wasn’t what we thought… Somebody before had covered the rust on the panel with iron mass and hammered the rust point down. With time the mass began to crack…and the result was this… Mr.Vitorino immediatly started to work and found tons of rust! All this marerial, like a spounge, hide the rust! Again the original blue! The spoiler removed and a cracked srew… The bumper is not for my serie, I’ll remove it…only the enter is needed! I’ll use charcoal colour to paint the structures… Again the original blue and the rear door in excellent shape!!! No intervention needed! My homework is now recover the symbols and clean some parts. Mr. Vitorino trying to get the rear lights…not an easy task! Hope you enjoyed the photos. Next weekend I’ll try to get some more! Regards Mário
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