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  1. Thanks for the input NewZed. I was looking for something obvious like the mounts for 72s were smaller or there is typically a plate there for California cars. Something that would be obvious to a Z expert. But this is obviously something that is probably more of a one off and not obvious. Appreciate it.
  2. Agreed NewZed the Mustache bar is on order but the stock rubber mustache bushings didn't look that bad. No missing teeth and looks like it was replaced at some point. And I think I misspoke, the control arm might be higher closer to the differential due to some control arm mount change. My point on the control arm mount picture was that it looks like something larger used to be there when the original undercoat was sprayed. Like there was a plate there or the mount was originally larger. If something was changed in the past it would be good to know as it might have changed the geometry of the rear. I don't see any parts on diagrams that would explain the ghost in the undercoat.
  3. I replaced my stock half axles with the Wolf Creek CV axles in my 1978 280Z and the axles are hitting my lower control arm on the right side (pictured) when I take off. The upside down control arm on the left side has a few more millimeters of space and is not hitting. I ground down some of the control arm to create clearance but since I never heard anyone on the boards talk about clearance issues it made me think my differential is lower for some reason. If I look at the top of the transverse link mounting bar (pictured) a larger prior shape is in the undercoat. Does anyone have any idea if different years had different size mount bars? Just seems like the prior owner might have done some type of change that would account for this ghost of a larger stock mounting bar which might have contributed to my clearance problem? Anyone one have any thoughts on CV clearance or mounting bar. My impression was it was a completely stock California car.