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  1. Cleaning out

    The weber 40 doce are sold
  2. Cleaning out

    I never dynoed it the guy who had this before me got 330 at the tire and he didn't have it any were close to right I am guessing 300 to 350 I had it to 18 and it would spin the tires in 3rd the lag is controlled by the secondary's with springs and too light of a spring makes it almost un drivable I got it running good with the wide bad o2 and the percys metering blocks make it so easy to tune that's what all the trouble is with these kits is the carb the power valve is reversed on this one and it richens under boost cruising I was getting 28 mpg on the hwy
  3. Cleaning out

    First up is my turbo Tom kit it has a ported exhaust manifold all hot parts are swain tech coated 3 inch down pipe Turbo smart 38 mm wast gate and boost control the carb is a holly 670 buy low bugget with precies adjustable metering blocks let's you adjust jet size with a screwdriver it has the water injection kit I also have auto meter wide bad o2 egt boost pressure and air intake temp gauge All plumbing is included Iam asking 1800 or make a fair offer . Next is a set of triple Weber 40 doce I have 2 additional sets of jets main air corrector and acclorator jets there are additional choke tubes 28 and 30 Iam asking 1100
  4. Our local Datsun club is getting ready for our tail of the dragon trip. I have been looking into 2 way radios just curious what others have tried liked or disliked
  5. L28 DEATH rattle!

    If you think its detonation get some copper tubing and a cheep stethoscope from harbor freight pound one end of the copper tube flat and drill a hole in it bolt it on the motor close to the head were the heater hose runs is good run the tube into the car and hook up the stethoscope hose to the tube if you here detonation you know its timing if you don't a least you wont be guessing there are electronic versions of this that I own but I still use this for tuning
  6. New turbo Fail

    I talked to the turbo shop today they said there is a chance the carbon seal is ok and recommended a .060 restrictor I am going to plum a temporary pressure gauge to the turbo to make sure
  7. New turbo Fail

    it was at 1200 to 2000 rpm it ran for less than 60 seconds and I shut it off 65psi was the high number
  8. New turbo Fail

    the next question is has this damaged the turbo it has carbon seal
  9. New turbo Fail

    I think a restrictor is the answer here but what size? the current is .120
  10. New turbo Fail

    I should also mention that budget cuts have forced me to be creative with my class 2 hoard this is a stock 240z bottom with a p90 head and notched block for valve clearance. with a 280zx cam and a 280zx turbo oil pump I know it wont make as much power as a 280 turbo but its what I have and Iam sure it will be fun until the next motor. That beaning said this is very well put together hobo motor most of the time this sort of thing starts with 2 cubes of Key stone this was a clean build
  11. New turbo Fail

    The center section was replaced when it was rebuilt the compressor wheel has ate something in a previous life but was there before the rebuild I asked about replacing the wheel the re builder said it was fine
  12. New turbo Fail

    the failure is that its pushing oil out both ends of the turbo the feed line is also new the in line filter has no restriction I ran this setup on my old motor with no issue the car made 65 psi oil pressure on startup as always
  13. New turbo Fail

    I just got my draw through turbo back from rebuild new motor this happened less than a minute after start up the burning oil forced me to shut it off. The turbo was pre oiled the drain is clear and perfect low crank case pressure as well. The turbo failed from my last engine coming from together and debris. This time it has a in line filter wih no restricter its a journal bearing rotomaster (Garrett T04 ). Has any one ran in to this I want to make sure I've checked every thing before returning it to the rebuilder
  14. CONFIRMED L28 with RB25 Flywheel and 350Z Clutch

    I have a t -5 with xtd 350z clutch and xtd rb25 fly wheel mine tuns over buy had but have not started it yet Iam planing to fire it up this weekend and will post my results
  15. Datsun 70-73 240z e88 Cylinder Head

    do you still have the cylinder head for sale