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  1. OK after my 1979 distributor spun in two I found the rattle it was ignition adv front the worn out dizzy replaced it with a Kameari setup and boy what a difference thanks for all the help.
  2. Wouldn't the timing gear just spin freely if that happened.
  3. I apologize for my vague replies and lack of info as far as the adv goes I can set it at 15* retarded and it will still make the rattle and just recently is in the last two months maybe three it ran great when I put it in back in December I haven't done anything to the engine since January and I didn't notice the rattle then. I'm going to pull the valve cover and make sure nothing has come loose.
  4. As of right now adv. at idle is 15* at 5000 rpm it it 32* I am not running a vacuum adv as my vacuum diaphragm is torn as far as the race gas I went to the local track and filled my tank it is 110 octaine I am aware that I am running high CR but that's why I bought the motor I wanted a high compression N/A motor and it started just recently it seems I currently have the adv set at 10 every day I bump it back a few degrees and drive it to work and back to see if there is a change.
  5. I stated in the first post I'm running 97 octaine and have tried race gas.
  6. I'm running 15* BTDC timing and as far as anything being loose it's not everything is tight iv gonna through and checked that already. Everyone I talk to says it's detonation.
  7. OK I have a modified l28 it has N42 head F54 block with flat top pistons and a .480 lift .280 duration cam. I get a rattle from the engine if I'm cruising at 80mph in 5th and I punch it, kinda sounds like someone shaking a pcv valve it will also do it stopped in natural if I give the throttle a quick hit as well as in other gears under the same conditions with different speeds. I have removed all adv. from timing I'm running 97 octaine fuel and I have installed new NGK B7ES plugs any help will be much appreciated thank you.
  8. Ok guys think I got it figured out I realized I'm still running the stock su needles after talking to the owner of ztherapy he said the needles for the 240 flow less fuel than the sm needles that I just ordered will let you know when I get them in.
  9. Ok sorry it took some time to get back but regarding the alternator I bought an oreillys 71 replacement alt. As my old one had a bad bearing that's all I have done regarding it. I found that the new distributor had bad shaft bearings so replaced it now no pop out the intake but if you give it a quick rev it stumbles like a momentary lean condition but if I ease it up it does fine. I talked to the lady I got the engine from she said to put the stock 1.5 ohm 79 coil on it and replace the plugs and I'm gunna try that tomorrow.
  10. Ok I get ya when setting up the timing it is set at approximately 10 before tdc no vacuum the diaphragm in the vac adv is shot I'm gunna get a new diaphragm for it the cam was setup professionally at an engine shop I used a color tune to set the fuel it is running a bit rich as I set it that way
  11. ok I am going to blow through a lot of questions here I have a 1971 240Z i upgraded the alternator and now my dash and running lights stay on anytime the key is on what could cause this? Second last monday i swaped a 79 280 f54block n42 head with the biggest cam you can get without going to larger valve springs i bought the motor this way i put my brand new ztherapy 4 screw su carbs on it with the msa 6to1 header and the orignal bosch distributer and e12-80 module but it wont run right it backfires through the carbs when you rev it I did get it to run the other day long enough to set the valves at .012 exhaust .010 intake but Im not sure the coil is right it has a pretronix 3.0 ohm coil from the kit I put on the 240 motor when i got it i also tried a crane cam lx91 and it got worse so I switched back to the pretronix my plug gap is .042 i just need a starting place iv done everything i know how to do to no avail. what am I not seeing?
  12. Sorry just a little excited I don't have the trans in my possession yet. I go to pick it up from the lady I'm buying it and some other parts on Sunday. she had it in a 280z autocross car the gentleman that rebuilt it for her didn't do his job is the gist of it. Now she is selling the race engine trans and suspension to me and she told me about the trans yesterday so what iv told you is all I know right now.
  13. Iv just recently acquired a 5 speed that the person said was rebuilt and out of an 81-83 but the person that rebuilt it couldn't get the front housing to bolt back on right they informed her that if you lightly drop it on the tailshaft that it will all line up right and the front housin will line up and bolt on I would like a little insight before I go dropping this thing.
  14. That's what I'm trying this afternoon.
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