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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. Bought the used set of long tubes from Scarab155. Also ordered a set of block huggers. I'll use whatever fits and looks better. We'll see.
  2. I am wondering what headers I can try to fit my car. Its a 1977 280Z. The 350 Chevy and 700r4 were installed years ago. The motor mounts were custom made. Not sure what position you would call it but it was moved forward to clear an HEI distributor and the stock hood latch. Everything was up and running but the car was never completed. It had cast iron manifolds on it that cleared fine. Recently I added Edelbrock aluminum heads and bought the Speedway Motors polished cast stainless rams horn manifolds. On the drivers side the outlet is right on top of the steering column. It couldn't be more perfectly in the way! Anyway I'd like to get some headers that will clear the steering column. Pictures are of the motor mounts, steering interference, and distributor clearance. I know that the JTR placement is further back from stock. Is the Scarab further forward like my set up? It seems like any of the block hugger headers will exit in the same place as the manifolds I have now. Any help or advice is appreciated.
  3. My car is painted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So will the wheels clear your stock looking fenderwells when the car is at its normal 1" lowered ride height? What diameter are the wheels? They look great. Exactly what I am looking for. Ron