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  1. Your FIRST car project ? Really? Nothing like going for the gold first time out. Be careful with that ticking time bomb! Hope you have the timing locked down and a wideband to check AFR's . I almost went down that road but decided it was too scary and I wasn't knowledgeable enough about turbos to do it. I decided to go with efi programmable . I did the triple Mikunis and it was a blast, but got tired of changing jets .
  2. You need to chill out on your timing . It’s hard to see the pic , but you have a ton of timing at 100kpa. I run NA - so can’t help you above 100. You are bringing on way too much timing too early . I wouldn’t be above 33 degrees at 100kpa anywhere on the scale for now . I don’t bring in full timing(36) until around 3000-3500 rpm . ESPECIALLY with a turbo build I would get more conservative . As said above - verify timing with a light . Verify timing marks on pulley . Your VE tables look wonky too. You are pulling fuel way early - before you make full torque . Id suggest finding a t
  3. Did you ever find any ?
  4. I have the same numbers on my 3.2 NA!
  5. They are available in many places
  6. I would buy any reputable wideband . Spartan makes good ones cheap .
  7. It’s the only way to tune ! Besides reading plugs and butt dyno - lol
  8. Never asked if my paint shop can mix “engine” paint . I personally have done Chrysler blue from Por-15 and really like the stuff .
  9. He does check in occasionally. I think he just PM’d me eventually
  10. The wide band is off - lol
  11. That’s my biggest issue . I had a question regarding their parking brake cable. I emailed them . One week later I got a response . It would have taken 10 seconds on the phone . I ordered the part anyways because I had given up on getting an answer . Fortunately the product was what the pic showed and the answer matched the product . If not , then I would have had to return it, and probably lost shipping money on part of the transaction . They could do a better job with descriptions if they don’t want to answer questions . IMHO I will say I’ve had more issues with MSA and they have bee
  12. I wouldn’t probably be this nice . It’s bad enough you pay ahead of time and now no refund - BS
  13. That’s another pet peeve with these vendors . They don’t k is their stock . I’ve been told things have gone back order and the stuff shows up 2 days later . Not sure how they can be that disorganized
  14. I try to cut them slack where I can , but some of the stuff they do - like other small businesses is bad. I am on day two of getting a refund or return “ approved “ I sent an email and pic as requested . It was a very recent purchase . It’s obvious the part made was of poor workmanship . Even though I spoke with the vendor , it has to go to the owner for approval . Meanwhile I’m in limbo whether I get my money back or buy another product or buy from another vendor . It’s not rocket science , it’s just a bad part . It doesn’t need to go to congress to make this BIG decision . When a custome
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