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  1. I have this one . I made it myself for my set up since there were no options . I wanted cold/ clean air for my carbs . Not everyone’s taste, but I thought it was cool. I got lots of compliments for it . I would sell it because I’d love to see someone use it . PM me . I ran air horns inside the box
  2. Actually that is incorrect . The P79 is the head with liners and has similar combustion chamber to the P90. N47 head is usually close to the bottom on preferred heads . Removing liners should be last resort . There have been successful turbo builds with liners , but the liners were better installed on later model heads - p79 and Maxima N47.
  3. General rule is the liners are bad for turbo charging . You could just run a small amount of pressure on the L24 /88. They aren’t that high of CR. 300HP is a nice goal , but maybe just go for 200+ and get your feet wet learning these motors . Learn on your first motor and invest bigger $$ when your knowledge gets better
  4. Did a dyno run today . 226 HP and 226 torque . pretty happy considering I’m running a stock N42 intake .
  5. madkaw

    9,000 rpm?

    So it’s optimal at 9k - so that doesn’t mean you build an engine around them. I’m quite sure they are very efficient below that . What ID are they? Start shopping for a billet crank at 3500$ plus and then throw in another 10k on the engine build and you might get there
  6. I’d bet that head has been cut , maybe not . Wouldn’t be very stellar CR - but maybe over 8:1
  7. Do it . Hell - go to #3 . I suggested to my buddy to do his in his 78. It is tired motor too. He was surprised how much a difference it made . It should give you a bump in CR .
  8. I have a knock sensor module installed , but have yet to use it . My max CR is 10.5:1 and we have 93 octane here . I have a N42 block so there is no knock sensor hole in the block , so I need to come up with an alternative . Currently running 35 timing , but have ran as much as 37 degrees .
  9. 3.90 gears and about 7200 rpm shifts . 8B4867CC-29D6-428F-A1D7-5F72482973E3.MP4
  10. It’s hard to figure your goals . The L motor can handle about any rpm range . The torque allows for lugging along just fine and cruise at 3500 also . 3.90 is nice for getting up to speed quickly . These cars are 50 years old and keeping up with fast highway speed there is other considerations besides just rpms. Noise, stability , aerodynamics. The 71C would be worth the effort because it’s a better trans and rebuilt parts are more plentiful . It’s a stronger transmission period.
  11. The automatics - some of them- had 3.54 gears and it was 3500rpm at 70. These engines like a cruise at 3k , it won’t hurt it . I have very close to your scenario with a 3.90 gears from a subbie. If you have a little higher rpm cam it would be nice . 3.70 is a nice compromise , but not the easiest gear set to find . There’s a drone zone for some Z’s I’m that 2500 rpm range
  12. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    Running N42 intake ?
  13. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    Not 100% that this was necessarily a fix , still tuning . When I searched on EFI support the recommendations had changed to 4ms for the D-585 coils. Someone actually got the GM dwell tables and copied them . Another guy came up with 3.7ms based on GM tables . Anyways MSextra recommends 4
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