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  1. I would separate since I have two of you right here- lol Selling these for a friend that is needing tires for his Z . Trying to be fair on price . I would think 75$ on the spindle and that make sure the dizzy 175$ ?
  2. It’s a quick fix sometimes , but not sure it’s worth the shot. Though Hybridz got a bit sticky with its rules , it did tend to keep on topic . I use to post all the time because I was stuck in hotels and thought it was fun to share my projects and learn . Back then I toted a laptop with a real key board . We’ve lost a lot of talent that use to be here often also. Well things seem to come to full circle , so maybe folks that want real knowledge will come back to the forums .
  3. From a 1983 ZXT , manual trans - that had 112k miles and succumb to rust and a bad turbo Dizzy and spindle -250$ AFM- 100$ ECU- 125$ fuel injectors with rail - 100$ complete harness including engine harness -150$ prices are best offer shipping extra
  4. I’m sorry that I even posted this thread- but like I said - my settings were screwed up and so I wasn’t seeing any new content . Glad it’s ALIVE !!
  5. You should post up your engine specs ! Not really sure from this thread what you did to achieve this. Stock cam? Did you use the L26 block?
  6. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    Z life is good again. Engine running like a champ. Fires right up cold and running smooth . Ready to up the CC’s
  7. The hoarder in me just wants to come out :-8
  8. My buddy owns a 77 and a 78 I think , don’t know if they are different
  9. I’ll ask my buddy in Avon
  10. I’d finish pulling the head before going shopping to make sure block is okay. Shamless plug but I have a MN47 head that would make a nice combo for that engine.
  11. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    So I found a true Nissan TPS at the JY and it is so much more accurate ! Don’t even know what model it came off of, but it works. Didn’t need to preload it or anything
  12. If you have to put money in either head, I’d pick the e88. Smaller chambers most likely and square port exhaust. Cons: e88 might have smaller valves or non steel seats .
  13. What’s wrong with the L24 /e88? Have you done a compression test with that engine ? It might be rebuilt for all you know. Is it stock? You pop that E88 on the N42 block and have some Hp!
  14. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    6” maybe. I think total length of the wire is 10” . I think they are sized for the corvette. They are actually shorter then the ones I took off which were for the truck LS motor. Not sure about all the differences in the sizes.
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