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  1. Getting ready to install next week
  2. Hard to imagine that’s Pertronix out performed LS2 coils
  3. The gas smell drove me to EFI also. It worked well for me to shut the fuel off a couple of blocks from the house and empty the float bowls that way, but EFI is a better solution. Love those Jenveys
  4. It looks like you have all the ingredients to whip up some good power . I’d see what a 3” down pipe could do for you . It might change more parameters than you think. Do you run a knock sensor or did they have one at the dyno?
  5. No experience with turbo builds , but from lots of reading here it seems that the very first things the guys do is the down pipe increase. You have invested a lot of money in forged pistons and other goodies , but you are choking all your investments with a tiny exhaust. Timing might also be a victim of your small exhaust. Don’t want to build heat by bottle necking flow. What was your timing at?What was your AFR’s?
  6. P90 had steel seats already. Only heads that had brass were very early heads
  7. Distributor is sold . Taking offers on remaining pieces.
  8. Just installed mine . Numbers are good - especially P2V clearance for a 535 lift cam
  9. I’ll try and have a pic by Sunday
  10. It’s the complete car harness so it’s in a milk crate filled to the top
  11. I’d do a package deal for the right price . Would be great to extras of everything !
  12. I would separate since I have two of you right here- lol Selling these for a friend that is needing tires for his Z . Trying to be fair on price . I would think 75$ on the spindle and that make sure the dizzy 175$ ?
  13. It’s a quick fix sometimes , but not sure it’s worth the shot. Though Hybridz got a bit sticky with its rules , it did tend to keep on topic . I use to post all the time because I was stuck in hotels and thought it was fun to share my projects and learn . Back then I toted a laptop with a real key board . We’ve lost a lot of talent that use to be here often also. Well things seem to come to full circle , so maybe folks that want real knowledge will come back to the forums .
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