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  1. It would be well worth it to drop your head on a L28 block . The bottom end is more stout in the Z engines . But your head makes for a sweet hot rod . It will be a considerable bump in CR . I would put the bigger 44 intake valves in the Maxima head and a 54 L block and hold on!!
  2. Hey northerner , I went from KYB’s to Koni’s . I went with Koni’s with my ST springs hoping I could soften the ride for around town and be able to adjust up for auto cross . The Koni’s seem to be as stiff as the KYBS - at their lowest setting. Now - that being said - it could be my ST springs . Also, your car is probably heavier and with progressive springs you might be able to have a greater adjustability in ride .
  3. No chart . I asked him to see how his sniffer matched with AFR gauge , and he said it was close . I have the mega log . I was running around 13.1 I think .
  4. Looking to buy this transmission . Know condition would be great . Willing to ship !
  5. Well I kept his stock springs - so that’s an easy fix .
  6. Damn, I didn’t realize there was such bad Pooh about these . Purchased them for a customers car and wonder if I made a bad decision . When I searched I only found issues with ride height and that was installer error .
  7. Did you replace your strut mounts ? If you did - did you put back in the 1/2” rubber spacer that was in the factory strut mount ? You have bearings up front and a rubber spacer in the back . It’s about the same thickness as the bearing .
  8. Could do a 71C trans . Much hardier than the 71B . Bell housing swap or re- drill housing . Cheap rebuilds and better support .
  9. I just reread your post . You won’t like the straight gear noise of the T-5
  10. T-5 was used in the 280zx turbo cars and some 300zx cars . G-Force may know of other models , but you need the bell housing from the turbo Z Drive shaft
  11. You could find a T-5 and send it to G -Force and shell out 3500$ and be good for 600hp . Bolts right up . Need an upgraded DS
  12. Got one in the works now with tapered runners . Stock manifold has 31mm runners . New will be 44-37mm
  13. I contend that it’s more intake manifold then head . Stock plenum
  14. Like everyone else - I can’t find this FB page . Would like a kit please !
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