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  1. Made more progress on the fascia . I think my templates will help me think this out as far as sealing edges and the getting the best look . More than likely the grill won’t go back on. I think I want to bring the top of the fascia out a little , but not much . I need to cut a hole for my breather pipe . Need to find a place for the horns . I don’t plan on having any real framework since I will be using .125 sheet to fab everything .
  2. It’s hardly far enough along to tell what I’m doing , but it will close off the compete grill area . All edges will be sealed with some kind of weatherstrip against the chassis .
  3. Not sure I understand what you are saying. The grill opening will be completely blocked off except a small opening for the radiator . I will shooting to keep air from escaping anywhere around the fascia . all this to say, your idea is not bad but not optimal (if you care). If you do insist on keeping it narrow, I would put a slight angle inward on the sides. Sounds counterintuitive, but this creates a Venturi effect at slower speeds which will actually increase velocity into your rad. Angling outward will cause an eddy current on the sides of the rad support creating dr
  4. I’m only half done . The front grill area will be completely blocked off except a small opening in the radiator box .
  5. Yep - I’m getting there . This is just the early stages of the project .
  6. I had no idea what forum to post this in because it fits a lot of categories. I am modifying my from grill area to help with cooling and aerodynamics , which will affect the engine also. It’s kind of bodywork too , and some fab and welding . Anywho- here’s some pics of the start of the project . Making use of a huge box that my lawnmower came in to mock up . Goal is make this aerodynamic gain by blocking the air from getting in all the wrong places. Also getting air in the right places for cooling and better engine-temp control. At 75mph cruise I get some buffeting on the front end
  7. There is a forum for Megasquirt on this site - which would be a better place for this . I have a thread on there covering MS3x Install. It might help you . You can also put your tune on there to get help I’ll look at your tune tomorrow when I’m on my laptop . Make sure your tooth logger looks good and you don’t have any sync errors
  8. There’s endless threads on this topic . I think you will want wider than 8” wheels to fill the ZG flares .
  9. I’m using the single fan they sell. So far so good with my stroker . I believe it’s a Mishuto also .
  10. So this isn’t a re-skin but replacing the complete roof and swap ?
  11. MSA sells Precision . Vintage is not much better when it comes to that issue. Kia seals help solve that issue for me
  12. Remember -there is no best on Hybridz-lol. I think the P90 is better for exhaust port do allow more flow for a bigger engine build. You would have to cut the P90 100 thou or more to get to the CR of the MN . Valve sizes can be matched up. The MN already has the bigger exhaust valve . My engine runs 44/35. Your right that trying to manage 11:1 might not be worth it. I've been trying to replicate the squish and CR that Brian Blake said he ran -without issues. I wouldn't try unless I was running efi . But with an aluminum head and a modern combustion chamber shape it should do 11:1 witho
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