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  1. You might have dinged Dave Rebello, he might have given out some hints on doing the diesel block properly since has done several . I think he is getting close to 3.5 liters out of his engines . I sold him my block I had years ago .
  2. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    Getting a new trigger wheel made for my MS . Also note that I changed my dwell time on my coils to 3.7ms and it seems like it cured my #6 burn issue . Stay tuned for more updates .
  3. This is what I used . I tried a laser , but it was really hard to come up with a rig that fir and sat square against the surfaces . I run the Subbie diff with a redrilled pattern on its larger yoke flange . Lots of surface to sit this on . I used a square off of the tail shaft along with this . Pretty consistent readings . i was looking for sources of driveline vibration so I wanted to make sure the lines were not intersecting .
  4. Never read or seen bushing that utilized the original shells. You can’t go wrong whatever bushing you choose . I’ve been running urethane for years . Not sure if there’s much handling benefit of running urethane on the outer bushings of rear control arms . I do believe that there is sometimes some interference with the urethane flange between the strut housing and the control arms . The faces of the strut housing sometimes can be a little rough and might need to be cleaned up so the bushing flange sits square against / between the two. I just finished removing those shells the other day . It’s a battle . Take your time . Cut a slice out of the shell and then they should come out . Sometimes you think you’ve cut all the way thru and you haven’t .
  5. Cool- I’ll try that. I was wondering if I could somehow see it on a trigger log , but they are limited on size .
  6. I keep rereading this thread because I am sure I am experiencing the same thing. At around 6700 rpm my engine starts to get louder and not smooth and looses power. This shouldn't be happening with this motor. I will get fouling of 5&6 . It will clear off during normal driving . Can't see anything during datalogging . Looks like you went different coils? looks like Audi COPs? I guess I need to go this route to be sure . There doesn't seem to be any other reason this could be happening.
  7. Sorry - I forgot you said you used the meter match. I might go that route too
  8. Any numbers please ? Of course it probably won’t match mine , but hey- maybe it will. I’m fairly close but it still drops hard close to the quarter tank . love the GPS speedo and playing with the stop watch
  9. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    Using a new Mac Pro -so I am challenged , but I think this is my latest tune #6 trim tune.msq
  10. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    I only trimmed in the lower KPA areas , so we will see how it goes
  11. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    I’m changing my laptop that I use in my car , so it might be a minute . So is it bogging or what is the engine doing during acceleration . My setting are more seat of the pants then anything . I’ve been more worried about VE tables .
  12. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    I only trimmed in the lower KPA areas , so we will see how it goes
  13. Worked good when I pulled it . Upgraded to WC so I don’t need this one anymore . Comes with shifter . No other driveline parts . Asking 500$. It’s at 47401. I can ship , but hope I don’t need to. email : sfinnerty1018@gmail.com
  14. In the grand scheme of things - 70$ additional to 1000$ worth of gauges seems okay to me . Let us know Chris !!
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