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  1. No luck boss . I must sold it or gave it away
  2. I’ll have to look but I doubt it . I’ll reply on here if I do
  3. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    Can’t believe it’s been so long since I updated this thread . Current pics of the intake I made .
  4. That looks about right . It allows a lot of movement which I’m not sure that is all that great for anything over stock
  5. I went thru this recently on a customers car . Similar L28 with a Maxima head but with a Bonk cam -520 lift . This car was an automatic which really made it a challenge . After playing with float levels I ended up about 4.5 turns with SM needles . Maybe you are pulling air from somewhere else ? I ran an electric pump if that makes a difference .
  6. Some good news ! Rebello will be able to come up with one piston for me ! BHJ Dynamics replaced my damper for free ! Their own investigation of the damper showed too tight of a tolerance for the press fit . That caused the initial galling and it got worse over time . I went ahead and purchased their installer to help make sure I get it installed properly . Really happy with Chris at BHJ - he stood by his product . Maybe should have done this earlier but I will be using the head cooling mod on 5&6 cylinders . Also going to be more conservative with my timing . Also installing a knock sensor - but this is a N42 block and had to come up with a location for it . This will take some serious calibration to make it work - if it will work in this location . I had the module already installed on my MS3 . This is a Bosch sensor
  7. I’m sorry but I didn’t say anything about loose main bolts - only the crank bolt
  8. The latest . There was no signs of trouble before I found this . I was changing out cams and doing more port work when someone noticed in a pic that I had 1&3 pistons swapped - dumb ass . Look liked my front seal was leaking so I went to change that and it took my a half day to get the damper off . Decided to put some fresh rings in and found a broken ring in #6 . So here we go with a complete rebuild . The bearings had some wear and it might be from dirty air being sucked in the chambers . 4500 miles total on this I had done lots of timing changes with as much as 37 degrees total at WOT - probably too much . I drive this engine hard . Rebello told me I should have left the slinger off . Also to make sure I get 150lbs on the damper . Hope I can order 1 pistons - though mine are custom- ugh. Not sure this change the way I drive it but I will be better about the areas I messed up
  9. I run 17x8.5 +4 offset . Not sure the offsets are a clear indicator of dish size . I’m going to run 235/45/17’s . I think it’s more about wheel design
  10. That’s not right . You are doing the right tests. Nissan clearances should be tight . I’d take it somewhere else . Most guides come sized that the intake will be .0015 and the exhaust will be .00025 . They might tighten up during install . I just went through this . The machine shop honed out the guides to .002 - so they said . It’s a bit tricky to measure guides . I doubt after install the guides needed anything after install . Nissan says the clearance is .0008- .0015 for the intake .
  11. When I finally got the head on a work bench and measured the intake ports I realized that I left these smaller than other heads . It was necked down to 32mm in most ports . So I opened them up to 35mm - which is the absolute limit based on a head I cut up . I do have Bonks- stage 2 cam on hand which is probably better suited for my intake - but I might try both . I think the Bonk -1 cam would give better numbers based on increasing my port size . I know bigger is not always better - but compared to all out porting on the N42 , my porting is conservative at 35mm. The intake has been welded on once again . Flange is in the right spot and I decided to weld steps on the flange to eliminate the step washers . Of course after all this welding I was skeptical this flange was flat anymore . I took to my friend/machinist/ welder/ CFD modeler/ and put it on his surface plate . It was bad . Because of its odd shape he couldn’t use his milk and had to hand scrap it flat . Andy is true expert at this . It took it little bit of time but he got it flat . It’s almost an art form . I also had him flatten out my flanges in my exhaust . I couldn’t get it to seal right and my attempts were sad - lol.
  12. Very cool. Super impressed with your fab skills and like your art/function approach . Looks like a header that Kameari would make. Need a NA version !!
  13. Can you tell me or did you do a CFD work with your plenum using on a NA engine? Does this style plenum only work well for turbo engines ?
  14. What about your turbo plenum ! That’s what I want to see !!
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