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  1. shri2222

    Brake drum seized

    Thanks everyone, I got the drum off. I looked again for the adjuster opening, nothing, felt were it should be was sunken in but something hard not rubber was blocking it. I then stuck the wheel back on and tried to use it's leverage to break the drum free, that worked for a half a turn. I then took a hammer and hammered up from the cooling fins of the drum to work it loose, took some time but off it came. The self adjuster was caked in brake dust, grime and rust. Remembered why I hated drum brakes, and bought a the brackets to maxima conversion now.
  2. shri2222

    Brake drum seized

    Great thanks for all the great advise I'll be giving it another go in a few days will let yall know how it turns out.
  3. Hey all, I was looking for some advice. My rear drums worked perfectly till one day the driver rear locked up. I can not get it free. I cracked the line loose to release any fluid pressure, nothing, i tapped it with a mallet, nothing. I am new to drums, I honestly hate them. I felt along back for a opening looking to maybe move the self adjuster but I needed feel any opening top or bottom. Thanks, Shri
  4. shri2222

    WTB: 280z steering column surround

    I need the larger 77-78
  5. Hello I'm am looking for a steering column surround in fairly good shape for a 280. Thanks!
  6. shri2222

    l28et CX Racing FMIC Kit

    Also to add if you are running a after market T04 you will need to buy a 90degree coupler , and if you are using a KA TB you will also need that coupler. PS ignore the backwards stabilizer bar, my friend thought he'ed help when I wasn't around..
  7. shri2222

    l28et CX Racing FMIC Kit

    I bought it, I installed it, fit with a little difficulty manipulating the pipping, no cutting to the kit was done. The angle of the intake pipe will be difficult to align and will take some time to allow the couplers to absorb the slight angle discrepancy between the 280zx and the S30. This can be fix by cutting and adding an additional coupler joint on the passenger side 90 at the rad support. Also note I am using a TB spacer so my TB is pushed forward about an inch. You will need to open up the wholes on the brackets that hold the intercooler, and cut and remove the lip on the rad support for the fan shroud on the 76-78s. Drilling is 4 holes into the rad support. The lower intercooler brackets may need to be hammered to fit the different pitch of the intercooler, as you can see the top sits more forward than the bottom, you can push it out from bellow but I like the angle as it allowed me room for my oil cooler. Quality is ok, you will also need to re-drill the bov flange because the bolt holes aren't spaced properly.
  8. shri2222

    WTB:280Z Air Conditioning Condenser

    Thanks Tbcrow for posting pictures, It is a bit rougher than I would like, that said, I'm going to hold off till say Friday, if nobody has anything cleaner, i'll take it.
  9. shri2222

    WTB:280Z Air Conditioning Condenser

    Wizzurp if you change your mind let me know, and Tbcrow,do you have a picture of the condesor?
  10. shri2222

    WTB:280Z Air Conditioning Condenser

    I bought one ebay, but the seller never shipped it, and I had to file a claim. That was the only one I had found. I found some reconditioned ones, but I figured in that case I'll see if any used good condition ones are availible.
  11. Hello, I am looking for a clean as close to mint A/C Condener for a 280z if anyone has one let me know thanks. -Shri
  12. shri2222

    l28et CX Racing FMIC Kit

    Hello, I was curious if anyone is running the CXRacing FMIC kit for the S130 on a S30? If so how is the fitment and what is your opinion of it? I have used CX cores in the past on a WRX with success so was curious of their L28 option. -Shri
  13. shri2222


  14. shri2222

    WTB Throttle linkage

    I need a throttle linkage off a 280z , the rear section asap! My idiot friend threw out my old intake manifold with that part still attached. Will Paypal immediately. Post how much and paypal email in msg