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  1. really cool does it run strong? love it turbo with carbs very cooooool!!!!!
  2. nice its good to know they are basically the same and that the autotune feature works good as well, i am using a wideband to so ill probably be in good shape i just wast sure about ms1 extra vs msns-extra.
  3. thanks bloz up for response..anyone else?
  4. I have a couple of questions im needing to know .First is i have purchased MS1with extra 029y4 firmware v2.2board v30 main processor chip back in 2010 with stim board for my build i have searched pretty extensivly in forums heres my build. p54 f90 stock pallnet fuel rail supra 440cc injectors
  5. you have been pm im here in town.....
  6. looking for an 75 or 76 280z gas tank rust free inside no holes . dent free also a plus with fuel sending thanks phil POST CAN BE DELETED THANKS
  7. any body with a 75 or 76 gas tank decent shape near lexington ky
  8. my understanding is that the fuse should be sized for the respective wire size to prevent melting of wires insulathion i will agree a direct short on a main conductor would blow in an instant of time before any real damage could occur to the rest of the wire.I see both sides to this discussion thanks for the input guys....
  9. excelent reading gives me some insight on how the alternator path is to battery through the stock 1o or 8 gauge wire thanks
  10. thanks for the reply this is very useful info on how i approach this
  11. Just curious has anyone experienced wire OVERHEATING of STOCK white/red or white wires on their 240zs with the 60AMP or larger alternator upgrades. im a little aprehensive of the upgrade do to the ampacity ability of alternator vs stock wire size which appears to be good for 40a max.I am doing l28et conversion with megasquirt and electric fuel pump as well as headlamp relay upgrade.I will not be hooking up rear window defrost which should lower amps a little.....ive read sevral great articals on internal regulator alternator upgrades but none seem to address current main wire size in the car.I
  12. just noticed your in ky ive got several sets of 280zx rims but no four spoke im in lexington if interested pm me
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