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  1. Datsun 1200 2 door sedan in CA

    I had an email about this yesterday. For those interested, it sold 4 years and 1 month ago. Thanks for looking...
  2. Ok, maybe that title wasn't realistic, but its pretty close to what i'm looking for, which is : *240z-280z with clean title, must be '75 or older. *Rust free, or close. No bondo *Not orange *Paint in decent condition *Working heater and radio *No leaks in rain. *manual trans *able to be driven 60 miles on daily basis with no worry of reliability. *somewhere 6-8 hours driving distance from the SF bay area. My budget is a pitiful $4000, with a deposit of $1,000 available anytime and the balance available on the 22nd or before. if you have something that i'm looking for, or close, please let me know. My dad always told me "the deal of a lifetime comes along once a week", so i'm willing to be patient and wait. Thanks for looking.
  3. Pole Position Control Arms

    Bump on the off chance that somebody wants these. Still for sale.
  4. These might not fit anybody's car on here, but i figured it was worth a shot. I have for sale a set of Enkei rpf-1 17" wheels with a set of mounted and balanced Falken Azenis RT-615 tires (not the newer 615k). The rears are 275, the fronts are 255. Wheels: Front: 17x8.5 + 30 Rear: 17x10 + 18 The combo has less than 1 mile on them. I've basically used them to roll around my project car for the past couple years, and now it's going a different direction. One of the wheels has a small nick on it from when it fell over on the face. Besides that, and being a little dirty, wheels are in excellent condition. I paid around $2k for these a couple years ago, so i think $1400 (advertised at $1550 on craigslist) firm is pretty fair. Just to be clear, I WANT THESE GONE, BUT I'M NOT DESPERATE. THEY'RE NOT IN MY WAY, AND IT DOESNT MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES ME TO SELL, SO PLEASE DONT BOTHER WITH LOWBALL OFFERS OR TRADES, LOCAL PICKUP IN SANTA CLARA, CA ONLY. If you have a reasonable offer, send it my way. Serious inquiries: text or call 408 six four five 1286
  5. Electric Remote Water pump

  6. Electric Remote Water pump

    Bought this for my ls2 projectand never used it. I've been trying to sell it for a couple months on ls1tech with no dice so far. IT's an electric external water pump by EMP Stewart Components. I bought it because it seemed to be a better option than the meziere, especially with the 10,000 hour life and 55gpm flow capacity. Imagine pumping the contents of a 50+ gallon drum through your engine in one minute! Now that's a water pump. Paid $420.60 new with shipping, selling for $300 shipped in new condition. The box is a little weathered. Color is red. PLEASE EMAIL [email protected] OR TEXT 408 645 1286 IF YOU'RE SERIOUS. http://www.stewartcomponents.net/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=E558A&Category_Code=ElectPump Part number: E558A Specs: * Decreased Energy Draw * Drive Mechanism Independent of Engine RPM * Cools Engine after Shutdown * Easy Remote Mounting - No Weight Penalty * Can be used with 12 and 16 Volt Applications * Weight: 5 lbs. * Dimensions: 6.3†long x 4.25†wide * Computer Controlled, Brushless Motor * High Efficiency Flow-Through In-Line Design * Liquid Cooled Motor * Compact, Lightweight Design * Comes in Anodized Black or Red Inline Booster Pump - Stewart's inline booster pump is intended for vehicles that experience overheating problems in low RPM situations. Since mechanical water pump speed is directly linked to engine speed, overheating becomes a major problem in situations such as parades, cruises, and stop-and-go traffic. The inline booster pump solves this problem by working in conjunction with the mechanical pump to create constant added flow to the engine block; the pump has been proven to increase flow by more than 300% at idle! These pumps are currently being used by NHRA Pro Stock Champion Warren Johnson and Kurt Johnson by Dart Industries, and Jim Yates — as well as road racing American Lemans and SCCA World Challenge.
  7. Pole Position Control Arms

    Nobody wants these?
  8. I'm looking for a complete and running ka24de swap with 5 speed. Must include everything needed to drop into another car, including smog equipment, harness, etc, etc. I would prefer to pay less than $500, but let me know what you've got. I'm looking to do a possibly smog legal swap in my '87 Nissan Van. I've already posted on several places like craigslist, nicoclub, zilvia, and ratsun, but i figured somebody on here might know somebody who just totaled their 240sx. I can pickup or you can deliver to San Jose/Santa Clara area. Thanks!
  9. Pole Position Control Arms

    Bump again. Still $145 shipped
  10. Pole Position Control Arms

    I'm not sure if there's a wilwood strut or not?? This is all i can find on them on the spc website- 92054 Hi Strength 2 Pc. Rod End 5" Adj Sleeve (Adjusts to 8-1/4"-10") GM Full Size Ball Joint Let me know by PM if you're interested.
  11. Pole Position Control Arms

    Sorry for the delay! I bought them for a tube chassis car, but summit lists the application as GM full size.
  12. Pole Position Control Arms

    Bump. $150 shipped.
  13. New ride!

    It's fiberglass, i'm guessing aftermarket? Im still trying to figure out how to get this thing smogged in CA, being that this is a euro car and has no emissions equipment on it. I took a pic last night of the oil leak, looks like it's coming from the left side in the pic. Hopefully i can tighten that nut on there, or just replace the gaskets/hardware as planned to fix it. Also, here it is in it's current home:
  14. Pole Position Control Arms

    I bought these a couple years ago and didnt use them for some reason or another. Anyways, they're still brand new, sitting in the box. They sell for $148 each from summit plus shipping - (http://www.summitracing.com/parts/SPS-92054/). I'd like to get $165 shipped for the pair.
  15. New ride!

    Thanks for all the kind words! I was on the fence about a slant nose too, but i fell for this one when i saw it in person. The headlights are setup so there's an individual motor for each light. I'll definitely post up my thoughts and impressions once i go through it and get some much needed seat time.