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jomz shakes

changed ignition control module now has sensor light, low power

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allright so my car "1982 280zx" kept dying as i was slowing down and at idle so i changed the ignition control module box on the distributor and right after i started it up, there is now a sensor light. the car runs very low power, after 2,3 k power goes flat, feels like a misfire or a huge vacuum leak. heres background info for you out of the box thinkers.


i swapped the dashboard at the same time,"also swapped a 79' oil/batt/clock gauge cluster into my 82' at the same time as the ignition control module


while the ignition control module was acting up my smog guy found the timing to be too high so he turned it down a little, "around 10 btdc i believe" he couldnt get it all the way down to 8?


i grabbed a can of mass air flow cleaner and started spraying it all over my vacuum hoses while it was idling to see if the idle would jump and i didnt feel anything.


the exhaust has a lot of pressure comming out the back, seems unnormal "i could be wrong"


when i step on the gas in nuetral i hear popping comming from the intake, its pretty loud. definately some back firing


please let me know what i can do to test whats wrong with my car here.

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I've searched and I hear two sides.

One that the Mercedes springs are too stiff In the back which makes a oversteering problem and that they hop on the freeway.

And the other that there stiff as hell.


No one is saying what types of front springs are being used for a decent spring rate to accommodate for

The stiff rear.


And at that point should I weld a bar up as a rear hatch strut or will this make my car oversteer even more

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