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  1. call/text 470-544-6178, looking to buy to person with best price, text pics of condition so i know its not chewed up please
  2. call/text looking for distributor and or spindle 470-544-6178
  3. I haven't got my headwork done yet. But I want to get my head ported and polished with 1mm oversized intake and exhaust valves and 3 angle valve job
  4. Ok so I'm gonna keep my flattops and keep my bottom end stock. Gonna put a unshaved p90 on my F54 w flattops should be around 8.3cr. Battling pre detonation w a stock sized Headgasket to utilize the flattops quench. A wide band o2 Megasquirt 3 for fuel and spark A ported free flowing head I need to find a turbo that can boost efficiently and not raise temps. I want the t3/t4 everyone talks about. How do I find out what size parts to use in it to match my custom "a" grind cams powerband. What trim? How do I find out exactly what turbo to have arizona z car build?
  5. Gotcha gotcha. Well I've got an NA cam to grind. It costs only 170 to do it. With that and ported head with ported intake runners do you think I would be gaining closer to 500?? I guess I'd rather have more power and be able to turn it down for reliability. Then turn it up for drag or something. I'm allready beefing up the axles and stuff for high power. Is head work a waste of money too for 400 hp?? I guess I'm at this cross road Do I get head work done and pop my p90 head onto my stock NA bottom end with the flattop pistons and call it a day Or Do I replace the pistons and install arp hardware along with it Or not do any headwork, pop the stock p90 head on and leave the bottom end alone?
  6. 82 280zx I basically need to choose a Piston set and comp. Ratio Camshaft Flywheel weight And Turbo for the best synergy. Doing my first high performance engine build I can't decide holset hx35/hy35 or arizona z car t3/t4oe 60. Trim I like the idea of water cooled turbo btw is that necessary? I want to build the turbos boost pattern to match the powerband of the cam. I want to get a custom cam grinded from a NA cam by "elgin cams" and I have a list to send him of my turbo specs, piston compression ratio and head cfm's etc. He grabs all that info and makes a perfect cam to synchronize everything. Pleaaase DATSUN GODS I need HELP and ADVICE other then the research I've done filling out the list for my engine build!!! Shooting for 350-400hp for drift/track car i can mash on reliably all day. I have MS3 and a innovate o2 sensor P90 head that will have a mild bore Bored out presmog intake/exhaust Isuzu large npr intercooler Big fuel pump and fuel rail and 450cc injectors I need help choosing a set of pistons and their CR. Want forged ones Can't decide super low comp. or high comp. for more low end torque I want to keep my 3.9 final drive I need help deciding what flywheel to use if I should go light or not If I go high compression I'll go light I guess?? If low compression keep it heavy to balance torque/hp ratio?
  7. I'm interested in all 3. I'm looking for black projector housings because I'm not really a fan of Chrome. But dapper seems like a good company. If the dsm part is cheap I'll but it. Is that a 2" or 2.25" pipe that it mounts too?
  8. I have a 1982 280zx n/a that I'm converting. I need a bov, I like the greddy type s but open to others. L28et with p90 head. Built or non built. T3/t04e hybrid turbo, with gaskets/mount spacers for turbo Oil feed line and what ever I need for a coolant feed line New engine and tranny mounts Shifter bushings Megasquirt package w wideband Set of same color gauges Intercooler piping Heat wrap/heat shields/turbo blankets High output oil pump Stainless steel lines for Everything Clutch/brake fluid master cylinder Clutch slave cylinder Stage 2/3 clutch kit Spoiler and front air dam Hid projectors Roll cage bucket seat and harness Steering wheel and hub LSD nismo or quaife Please call or text 650 867 5567 Or post back and I may have you send pictures.
  9. Ya its a predicament I can't avoid. I'm just gonna figure it out myself.
  10. Just got -3" downpipe -pallnet 11mm fuel rail -msd 6200 Going to buy the taurus fan, and the megasquirt stuff next and figure out how to wire the fan,msd, and Megasquirt to my stock na components.
  11. I'll hook up the electric fan,fuel pressure regulator,msd,and Megasquirt first. I need to figure out if im going to get a blown engine and put forged pistons in it and use arp head and rod bolts w a metal Headgasket. Or Buy a running engine and hope it lasts.
  12. What's the best order to do this swap from na to turbo? Should I install ms and swap the engine and harness at the same time? Should I swap the engine first and get a stock turbo ecu? Should I install ms first? What other things should I do"in the while I'm at it" category for a project like this??
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