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"Other Engines" Swap picture thread

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I didn't find a thread like this in this forum, so lets get one going.


I love seeing "oddball" swaps. I have one planned for my car, unfortunately due to being in school it likely won't happen for a while.


So post what you have and even ones that are not yours but you find.


If you can post details of the swap, that would be even better.


This thread might help with people looking for an "Other Engine" swap for their own Z.

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Well, I guess I'll have to start it, since I finally got my swap running on Sunday.


GM LX9 (with LA1 upper intake to make the initial swap easier), Borg Warner Turbo from a 6.5L diesel, same turbo I used on my L28, mated to a Nissan FS5R30A trans. 






I can't believe 535 views and I'm the first to post something months after this thread was created...


come on guys, show off your "other engine" swaps! :D

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