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Early Z32 Question - Build Date and US Introduction

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I have recently purchased a 90 Z32 2+0 NA to clean up and resell.  I have had quite a few 71-96 Z cars and am decent with knowledge of history on S30 and Z32.  This one has me confused with VIN and build date.  The build date of the one I have is 4/89.  It is Super White with Red Interior (after looking at production numbers appears to be somewhat rare).  I previously believed late 89 was the first intro of Z32 in the US.  I have found one site that said there is a 2/89 build date introduction but nothing else.  I know the Z32 was in Japan a few years prior to US but as a different body style.  I am trying to verify or find out where to look for information on what month did Z32 Come to US and what is first build date of the US body style.  Last 6 of VIN is 006849 making it under the first 10,000 made of this body style.  Does anyone know what first VIN in US was and what month the US Z32 was introduced?




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