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  1. I have a 1/70 build 240z HLS3000663 for sale. It is a great early car needing some restoration. Only rust is floor pans and small hole on roof. I has a dealer installed sunroof. It runs but needs new carbs. I am looking for $7500 for it. I can send more pictures info if interested.
  2. I have recently purchased a 90 Z32 2+0 NA to clean up and resell. I have had quite a few 71-96 Z cars and am decent with knowledge of history on S30 and Z32. This one has me confused with VIN and build date. The build date of the one I have is 4/89. It is Super White with Red Interior (after looking at production numbers appears to be somewhat rare). I previously believed late 89 was the first intro of Z32 in the US. I have found one site that said there is a 2/89 build date introduction but nothing else. I know the Z32 was in Japan a few years prior to US but as a different body style.
  3. I have a pretty nice one in a 73 I'm parting out if you are still looking.
  4. I have passenger side feel free to contact me at DBVintageAutoSports@gmail.com
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