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How do I set up vacuum between various turbo components?

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I am getting ready to try starting my NA-T but I am not sure how to hook up the vacuum lines to various components.  I have a boost controller, turbo with no vacuum fitting on it, fuel pressure regulator, BOV, external wastegate, and a boost/vacuum gauge that need a vacuum source so I was wondering what the best way to hook all this up was.  


Also, I have the Tial MVS external wastegate but am not sure which of the top ports to plug.  I have one vacuum source going into one of the bottom three ports but don't know what to do for the upper port and the hole directly on top.  Any ideas?


Is there a general maximum amount of tees you should use for one vacuum source?

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I would jump on google images and search for diagrams.  You will be at the mercy of whomever came up with the diagram but it will get you started.  This is one I stole off google images by searching for, "turbo vacuum line routing".




Off course it would be helpful for you to learn all the theory and application of each component and get Corky Bell's book, Maximum Boost.

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