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1973 240z

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I came across this car and was wondering what the group thought.

Here is what i found

1973 Datsun 240z


- White, repainted at some point (overspray on door seal) 

- Rust on both rockers near the rear wheel wells 

- bubbles on the fender wheel wells

- Rust under battery tray 

- Rust on passenger side frame rail to floorpan attach point

- Rust on passenger floor, need to check the driver side as well 

- Bubbles on the bottom of the doors 

- From 10ft away the paint looks ok, but it is faded and not shiny

- 300zx ugly wheels 

- 280zx mirrors :/ 

- Bumper trim missing

- Front bumper dented 



- Originally red (only rear panels left)

- Seats and door panels recovered ( not a great job) 

- Dash has a single crack 

- Headliner peeled off 

- Vinyl on trans tunnel replaced with carpet



- Car has been sitting up but according to the current owner the car runs and drives. The current owner doesn't know how to drive a stick.

- I would assume it needs struts, bushings, ball joints, tie rod ends, etc. maybe a clutch and some carb work. 


The guy inherited the car and is looking to sell it, his asking price is much higher than what i thought it's worth, but I'd like to get opinion from others. 





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