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  1. @jkelly thanks for posting the pics, looks like i missed out.
  2. Pictures of the 240z chrome tail light trim?
  3. I've got some NOS pieces, let me get some pictures.
  4. HI Namor, Yes please PM me a picture and a price.
  5. Hi, I am looking for an oil pan for my stroker build. I will modify it so it doesn't need to be perfect, but don't want it to be too rusty or pitted. Located in SE Michigan. Thanks
  6. I'm Also looking for an oil pan but currently pondering whether i should just modify an oem pan. Other than the two listed there is also the Corsa pan for 850 shipped probably more for shipping to England. and also the DP racing competition unit at an astronomical 1600 http://www.dpracing.co/engine
  7. I had no more responses from the vendor. I was thinking about using an optical pick up in the distributor too. Perhaps someone will just need to bite the bullet and give it a shot. I am still building my engine so i'm not ready.
  8. It's been some time since i posted last, life has been busy while the car mainly looks the same I have added tripple 44s and am currently in process of building an engine. I sourced a LD crank... ouch ($$) and a set of 240z 9mm rods with 240sx pistons, still not sure if i want to run that combo or switch to a forged setup from kameari. Mainly just trying to keep her on the road as much as possible. And what would be an update without some pictures!
  9. there is a facebook group called Mikuni PHH Carburetors, try there.
  10. Car looks quite nice, If you are decided to sell, i would simply list it on BaT.
  11. I do think that the they are different between the clock and the other two gauges...
  12. @DAT240ZI have one of a 1978, it does have egr but you can have it for $50 complete with fuel rail and injectors. Not sure if they are functional though. Motor came from salvage yard. Shipping not included located in SE Michigan
  13. @lowrider I had similar thoughts, but if he had tried 3 or 4 different distributors I would assume he tried different types as well. i think my ZX dizzy should work well. I had also asked if he considered using this with an optical trigger such as the Crane/FAST xr700 but no response yet. Will update as i get more info.
  14. @Lazeum Nicely executed! great looking car as well, I was wondering why you implemented the TPS? The latest megajolt comes with a MAP sensor and that should be able to give you enough info.
  15. There was another variant in Japan that had a two way flasher option. I have one of these switches. Let me know if you are interested
  16. I think he is talking about the distributor rather than the coil.
  17. @lowrider @Enzo250gto Guys, a bit of bad news on the CB black box, i will dig down a bit deaper
  18. you should target an early L28, N42 block/N42 head this would mean you can utilize your stock square port exhaust manifold and you can still use a mechanical pump in it's stock location. Also assuming you don't use it, the EFI intake manifold that doesn't have an EGR can be sold for a bit of money ($150-$300 latest i seen) if you wanted to go a bit further, you could swap the pistons for some 280zx flat tops and raise your compression and make a bit more power.
  19. I wouldn't define my car as a track car that stays at high engine speeds for extended periods of time. I do want to do some track days but mainly it's going to be a street car. The timing light jumping could just be due to the induction clamp signal, distributors have been in use for a long time even on hondas that revved beyond 8k rpm so i wouldn't think it's an issue.
  20. I guess there is another option https://www.cbperformance.com/CB-s-Black-Box-Programmable-Timing-Control-Module-p/2013.htm Cost: $200 Use stock coil and distributor (locked out) Provides a full surface for tuning. this looks promising and cheap..
  21. another option, although this one is pricey: https://www.holley.com/products/ignition/ignition_boxes/distributorless/parts/6011 Controller : $422 Coils: $100 Trigger wheel + Sensor $240 Total: $762 but less parts...
  22. Ford DG508 http://www.blakemachine.com/performance_parts_by_blake_machine/datsun_coil_on_plug_brackets_6__4_cylinder
  23. I like the megajolt option. For cost: Megajolt - 200 Coils - 100 would like to use to CoP version (already have the bracket) EDIS Module - 50 Trigger Wheel Bracket - 200 (Hoke) Sensor - $40 (DIY Autotune) total: $590
  24. So i know there is an ignition specific forum but i feel that this page is more frequently visited. I have recently upgraded my 240z to tripple mikunis and also i am building a second motor with a stroker crank and other goodies. The one area i am not too sure of is ignition. Currently my car is equipped with the ZX distributor and it seems to work well enough but with my new motor i presume that i would need to recurve the dizzy? To be honest I'm not sure how to even specify what i need there. The other options i've heard of were the 1. 123distributors - programmable
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