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Piecing together triple webers

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Hi guys,


I have a 1970 240z, and for a very long time I have wanted triple weber carbs. The problem is that 1600 dollars is out of my budget range, so I tried to find them second hand. I already found a manifold with linkage, but here is the question; what type of webers do I need? I know I want DCOE 40's but there seem to be some different types of those. Are the different looking ones any different? and if yes what is the difference and which type do I need. 



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The difference is mostly in the progression holes and air-bypass screws. If you're looking for 40's, I'd go for the 151. It's the latest version with the air bypass screws which allow for synchronization of both barrels to each other. Older carbs did not have this.


The new 40's (151) can be easily identified when compared to older 40DCOEs. The new carbs have added ribs on the float bowl cover casting as well as the air bypass screws:



Above all, I recommend getting a set in as good of shape as possible. Otherwise, plan to rebuild the carbs. The throttle shaft seals on older carbs should be replaced.

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