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  1. Hey Aydin, I have a buddy looking for a 3.54 R200 in the SF bay area. Are you willing to ship?
  2. I can provide two lines of reasoning: 1) this kit is clearly designed by someone with more of a propensity for fabrication rather than engineering/vehicle dynamics. It's going to be a lot of money spent on something that doesn't look fully thought-out and will still take additional work to make it "right". IMSA GTU S30's wore fat race slicks and won races back in the day without going to a double A-arm suspension. Example of a chassis with IMSU GTU history: http://www.finecars.cc/en/detail/car/7313/index.html 2) the car was not originally designed to handle 600hp nor wide s
  3. It's not the camber gain that's necessarily the problem, it's more of a benefit if not a big one. What happens is the short upper arm creates more vertical roll center migration. This will affect with the handling balance of the car because the spring and bar contribution to roll stiffness will more dramatically change during suspension travel. This is not a great characteristic to have on your front axle unless you balance it with the rear which I'm not at all confident is being done nor thought of. And to those saying weight distribution doesn't matter that much, you're being ver
  4. Nice! Yeah, it just works and fits well with the car. This feels like a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" situation.
  5. I should say, I also FINALLY went to mount my Compe handle (steering wheel) and I may be called a heathen, but I think I prefer my Grant! I like the thicker grip, larger offset, and larger diameter of the Grant. Considering putting the Compe wheel on the market or hanging it on the wall in my garage...
  6. Thanks Ross! Looks like you've been making some serious progress on your end as well. I am not envious but much respect.
  7. Happy new year! May this one be more fruitful than the last. Time for an update. The Z had been down from January of 2020 for a "quick" re-gasket, meaning I got it back on the road in... November. There was a fuel drip from the carb insulators so those were replaced along with all carb gaskets. The plastic spacers and gaskets were replaced with the o-ring and thackery washer style. I went to the dyno in early December to see if I could sort my fueling with Keith's latest jets as well as figure out the high-RPM cut I've been getting. The dyno day was useful in helping se
  8. Anyone can get their hands on some software and make pretty FEA pictures. The question to ask would be, what sort of validation work has been done? It doesn't matter whether they ran their stuff through FEA if it doesn't work in reality. CAE tools help the designer iterate quickly which reduces costs and development time but the end customers only care about results. What does it weigh, how stiff is it, how strong is it, and what have you done to prove that?
  9. I bet when you were lower, your rear camber was closer to what the front was. That can make a big difference in balance especially if the tires are more camber sensitive. A little bit of toe can go a long way as well. Zero toe in the rear could be a big part of the looseness, depends on your rear toe compliance (rubber bushings or PU?). Also try zero toe up front or even a tad toe out to tone down the yaw rate gain a bit. YRG is essentially a measure of a vehicle's response to a given steering input--the more your point the tires out of the turn, the lower your YRG. Meaning point t
  10. Nice work. That thing is loose on entry! What are your alignment settings? With how loose it is right off the bat, it makes it seem like your rear tires are shot and/or not enough rear camber and toe-in (not familiar with the S130 platform but I'll assume it's difficult to dial these in independently with the semi-trailing arms).
  11. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a local sale on these (Bay Area, CA). I'm selling a set of Panasports in as-new condition, purchased new (no one cares but I paid over $1600 all in). They come with barely used, although aged 7 years, set of Bridgestone RE-11A tires in 225/50R16 all around. I last drove on these 1.5 years ago and they still felt great. The wheels and tires have always been stored indoors. I put maybe 3000 miles on the set before I swapped to 15" Watanabes. I'm sure people will ask about fitment. I've never had rubbing in any situation but my rear
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