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  1. Also, why do you need to disconnect brake lines? Why not disconnect the calipers and hang them on bungee cords?
  2. Use a pedal depressor and slightly depress the pedal. It only needs to be pressed enough to cover the reservoir ports. You'll lose a few drops plus whatever's in your caliper. Disconnect your battery so your brake lights don't drain it.
  3. I spy Ben's sweet Z build. Looking forward to watching the film, if not live then a reply.
  4. The dual-master non-assist setup in my race car has far better feel than any assisted brake setup. A light pedal is harder to modulate, in my experience.
  5. Here are my settings, using only camber plates. The car handles perfectly to my taste, breakaway is very neutral. I don't have any rear toe adjustment otherwise I would've dialed it down.
  6. Feel free to create a post with specific questions. If you're after finding a mechanic, then I'm of no help unfortunately.
  7. Right on, I've been running the Works Mitsubeastie in Lemons. It's slow as hell but the most fun I've ever had on track! I'll be sure to say hi if I ever see an S130 in the paddock. I may come up to Sonoma next Saturday for the Speed Festival in case you plan to be around.
  8. Nice, I've run Lemons four times now but all at Sonoma. We keep wanting to build a car and run more of the West Coast races but having the time to do so has prevented such ventures. Came really close to buying a $400 IROC Z Camaro lol! The E36 is probably the perfect chassis for low-buck enduros. It's cheap, easy to work on, has great parts availability, and is fun to drive. It would be cool to see the ZX at a track event sometime. If there are ever any old Z's at the days I go to, they're always S30s. I run mostly with NASA but also Trackmasters and Speed Ventures. Once in a while, I'll do a day with some other random club. Let us know if you sign up for any!
  9. This is likely my favorite current build thread, really enjoying the deep dives into everything from gearboxes to ECU definition files. Your pragmatism and ingenuity are fun to watch. Keep up the good work and keep sending it.
  10. I didn't cut any coils off, it turns out the 260Z spring perch is lower than the 240Z. https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/38373-240z-eibach-springs-in-260z/
  11. Rob at Z Car Garage in San Jose is a dealer. The first picture is outside his shop and the black car is the OSG build they did.
  12. Nice job Ross, looking good!
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