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  1. Nice work Phil, your home-brew solutions never cease to amaze.
  2. What kind of shape are the door cards in? Is the chrome trim still intact? More detailed pics would be great. Thanks!
  3. I was going to suggest NASA ST but it would be a tall task to make a Z competitive against GT3's and Viper ACR's. Not saying it can't be done but... anyway, we've gone way off topic on this fantastic thread.
  4. Just keep an eye on those gland nuts. I'd suggest checking torque after each event. You should be able to easily get a wrench through the spring in order to do so. Minimal disassembly required.
  5. Inspirational work as always Derek, well done! I enjoy following along with your design process. Is there any recent footage of your heads on a running motor? Aydin, Rebello is fantastic. They can take a long time to get things out the door and are pretty old-school but they've been thorough and accommodating to work with in my experience. They did a great job on my P90. Rob @ ZCG is incredibly into what he does. He can be intense but I respect his passion and tenacity in doing top notch work.
  6. You will not be disappointed with Thunderhill nor Sonoma. Laguna is fourth on my list of local tracks, with Sonoma the top dog, then Buttonwillow and Thunderhill ("local" meaning within 4 hours). Laguna is the famous one with the corkscrew and all but it's by far the least technical track of the four. With that said, they're all great to drive and if you have the option to hit any one of them, you should do it.
  7. Love the build, any plans to make it down to any Norcal road courses?
  8. Hey Aydin, I have a buddy looking for a 3.54 R200 in the SF bay area. Are you willing to ship?
  9. I can provide two lines of reasoning: 1) this kit is clearly designed by someone with more of a propensity for fabrication rather than engineering/vehicle dynamics. It's going to be a lot of money spent on something that doesn't look fully thought-out and will still take additional work to make it "right". IMSA GTU S30's wore fat race slicks and won races back in the day without going to a double A-arm suspension. Example of a chassis with IMSU GTU history: http://www.finecars.cc/en/detail/car/7313/index.html 2) the car was not originally designed to handle 600hp nor wide s
  10. It's not the camber gain that's necessarily the problem, it's more of a benefit if not a big one. What happens is the short upper arm creates more vertical roll center migration. This will affect with the handling balance of the car because the spring and bar contribution to roll stiffness will more dramatically change during suspension travel. This is not a great characteristic to have on your front axle unless you balance it with the rear which I'm not at all confident is being done nor thought of. And to those saying weight distribution doesn't matter that much, you're being ver
  11. Nice! Yeah, it just works and fits well with the car. This feels like a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" situation.
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