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Strut Support for Top Mount Turbo setup

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So I just finished revamping my engine bay...switching from "stock" RB25DET setup where turbo is mounted low via cast exhaust manifold, to a top-mount setup where turbo is up high via tubular header. 


Obviously I can't have my cake and eat it too as my triangular strut bar now no longer fits due to hitting the turbo. 











Does anyone have any suggestions for a bar that will accommodate the top-mount set-up?


Will the Techno-Toy bar work? For that matter, will the Cusco bar even work? Even the Cusco looks like it would be an awfully tight fit across the compressor housing of the turbo.


I know that ZT-R has one, but it looks like he had to do some fairly decent modifying/fabrication to get it to work...I'm hoping to not have to!

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